My Advice to Djokovic

First of all, I certainly hope that the Serb, his wife, and the other players and people infected from this outbreak following the ill-advised Adria Tour recover quickly. Chances are these individuals will be okay, but who knows how many more have been infected.  This is true across the globe with this thing. Godspeed to anyone who is fighting and recovering from Covid-19.

To the point of this post: I’m only offering my advice since he appears to need a little.

Any decent, quasi-intelligent and reasonable human being (Novak appears to be all of those things) avoids committing some of the true goofball buffoonery that he’s guilty of in the last few months, which culminated at this bizarre the-pandemic-is-a-hoax tennis exo-tour-folly.

The purifying water with your emotions (or whatever) was pretty harmless, by itself (though this anti-science spiel of his does echo other anti-truth hot-takes).

His anti-vax and USO concerns are maybe not ideal; but people have their own beliefs (see purifying water). I guess.

But when we start to add all of these things up, the guy seems to need a little time-out: to go away and practice his game, which might be getting a little rusty, by the way.

Some people (I haven’t thought too much about these things of late, but I hear both sides) are very critical of Novak, thinking that his leadership here with this ill-fated Adria Tour could mean that any possibility of resuming ATP play in 2020 is extinguished. The critics pile-on by pointing to Novak’s criticism of the U.S. Open’s safety protocols — that they’re too extreme.

Has he lost touch with humanity’s collective common sense and common decency that most of us don’t find too difficult to apprehend, especially in these times when certain individuals in power are such failures, such remarkable reminders of what is good and bad?

One can have one’s own opinions, own views; but we might have here a teachable moment.

Sounds like he does need the advice I’m offering (going away and practicing, staying out of the limelight, etc., is not what I’m referring to as “my advice to Djokovic.” Consider those bonus suggestions on how to avoid looking like a fool, like a guy whose arrogance — whatever he’s doing — has gotten some people sick, pissed-off, etc.).

Here’s my advice to Novak: whatever Trump is doing, do the opposite.

This brings us back to simple quasi-intelligence, decency, etc.  Novak is a decent and intelligent guy.

Hence, the advice.

The pandemic is real, so people should absolutely wear masks, maintain a safe distance, and practice other guidelines that will correspond to this more preventative and health conscious behavior.

But if you get somehow confused, think the virus is not a threat, just do what I am telling you to do: Do the opposite of what the orange American shit ball president is doing.

You know: that humiliated, loathsome, corrupt and sickly narcissist who still clings somehow, some way to the American experience, our collective history, cultures and values (which are all being reassessed, challenged and reimagined, thankfully, and he doesn’t have a clue on what to do or say about this historic era that he could have been a part of). The only ways he still has any possible relevance include a shameful political system that lets him get away with this garbage and his absolute moronic, racist supporters.

To reiterate: Novak, do the right thing and simply don’t do whatever Trump is doing.

Thank me later.

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