American Nightmare

Time to get outside of our comfort zone, folks. Challenge everything we’ve ever been told or “taught.”

George Floyd

The American Dream is what people have so often touted, defended, celebrated, and debated.

Sorry, but you’ll have to put that pathos, that argument, aside for a different treatment of this American experience: so we can focus; so we can understand this tragic reality in which many believe that being born black is a crime.

Are we at a tipping-point? Is the irony of Trump that we have finally realized how far we have fallen?

Of course, this isn’t new. At all.

We don’t welcome and applaud the violence of these protests, but we don’t condemn it either. Terrible things happened in the last few days in the streets throughout the United States of America. No doubt.

I saw a store owner get beaten to near death for defending his business.
Unbelievably sad.

And complicated.

We know the protesters, in some cases, have undermined their cause (sometimes by others who have no claim in this struggle, who only wish to incite, take advantage, participate criminally in the events).

I like how Don Lemon of CNN called out some of the black leadership, those with cultural capital, even celebrity types, whose participation here, perhaps even arm-in-arm with some of these young protesters, could send a stronger message.

Some of this has gotten out of hand, for sure.

However, don’t lose site of what’s at stake.

Derek Chauvin should be disregarded in the worst possible ways — we have no use for for this kind of racism and cruelty even though he is merely a pawn, merely an effect of  a terribly flawed system, culture, ideology, humanity.  His fellow officers on the scene should be treated justifiably like the filth they represent, as well.

They, I’m afraid, thought they could get away with that.

Let’s listen, take-in what is happening: we have a pandemic going-on, a race and class war, an American election only months away.

We’re confused. The problems seem so big, the solutions even bigger, heavier, further away than we would like.

We know what injustice and murder look like. We had a front-row seat on this one.

Take a deep breath.

Let’s get outside of our comfort zone.

We need to grow-up.

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