What is Mcshow Blog?

Mcshow Blog is your ATP headquarters for thoughtful analysis and general observation and discussion about the men’s game.  I am going to be a little different from other such sites in that I will quite often analyze with a broader historical perspective.  I have been watching tennis avidly since the late 70s.  Views on the current sport are vastly enhanced by keeping a more comprehensive point-of-view.  I think you will agree.

My view can I have an edge, which works for the most part – gives the site and the writing a bit of character. I may ruffle some feathers, as well. That’s me being too honest, perhaps, and encouraging discussion, as well.  The conversation between tennis fans at Mcshow Blog is key to the success of this site.

I will always look at the day’s/week’s matches and speak to the larger conversation, the broader narrative of the sport.  We’re young, but catching-on.

I have been blogging for about 12 years, writing about trail and ultra running and tennis, among other things.  You can find me here, thinking and writing about sports and culture. If you are interested in any other sporting topics, start the discussion!

I hope you enjoy my blog. If you want to contact me, either leave a comment or you can email me at mcshow@gmail.com.



  1. Hey guys

    Great site…!! We recently discovered through all the pre-race hype of the UTMB and been enjoying following all the insight, interviews, news etc since!!

    Any interest in a column in Go Trail magazine, would be great to work with you guys?! Let me know, be good to hear from you either way.

    Keep up the good work.

    James – Editor

  2. Gentlemen, I shall call you that as its the way you come across through this blog. Your respect for the sport and its participants is enjoybale to read and I like the tag team way the articles are executed. It is indeed an exciting time for the sport and doubters will come and go. The long term fans and folk who get out there daily and improve their lives and the lives of others through running is what matters most. Keep the passion, integrity and discussion alive guys. Cheers.

  3. Hi Matt, I’m a journalist and founder of The News Hub – and I think I’ve got a good story for your readers.

    I can see in your profile that you thank your Mum and Dad for getting you into tennis; we now have the research to back up this phenomenon and an interview with Jamie Murray explaining his mum’s influence over him and Andy.

    Here’s a possible headline: Jamie Murray says his mum was key to his and brother Andy’s tennis success, backing up powerful new research showing parents’ influence over their children’s relationship with sport

    Key stats:
    -74% of adults encourage their children into the same sports they played or are passionate about
    -2/3 of parents aged 25 – 34 influence their children to support the same team as them – the most likely age group to do so
    -46% of men influence their children to support the same team as them
    -Just 10% of parents encourage their children to win (perhaps why Brits often struggle on the grand stage?)

    Let me know if you want more info. I have a press release, infographic etc.


    1. William,
      Thanks for stopping-by and for the suggestion. I am concentrating a bit more on the ATP competition, but I will keep this in mind as I love to write about the sport.


  4. Awesome. Do you want me to send you more details – press released, infographic, video etc.?

    If so, please send me your email address…

    1. Will, are you just proposing an article for my blog? Can you clarify your encouragement to write this article? Thanks again.

  5. What do you mean?

    We’d love you to cover the topic if you think it would be of interest to your readers…

    1. You are interested in my readers? I really appreciate the suggestions; I’m just wondering what exactly you’re proposing.
      I do not get paid to write on my blog. . . yet. I am very interested in building this enterprise.

      But your “request,” though thoughtful and interesting, is confusing. Why do you want me to write about that?

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