How Roger Federer Ruined Tennis


You should know by now what this acronym or abbreviation stands for (How Roger Federer Ruined Tennis). By the way, before we go on, do you know the difference between an acronym and an abbreviation? An acronym is a series of initials signifying e46fd2cd5aa7049ac8a208edbb4ac675--sport-tennis-nike-tennisthe referenced term, but in some cases this initialism can be pronounced as a word, such as NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) or MoMA (Museum of Modern Art); these are called acronyms, according to popular definitions because they’ve become, by popular usage, words in and of themselves. If, on the other hand, the initialism can not be pronounced as a word, but instead just as a series of letters (like FBI), then the term is called an abbreviation.

So, does this mean that HRFRT is an abbreviation? I’ll leave it up to you. As you know, I can be pretty playful on this blog (in life actually) which (perhaps) helps counter the darkness or seriousness of some of my tennis (life) contemplation.

You know: some times we need to lighten up.

On that note, can we establish an even more detailed nomenclature for Mcshow Blog? Acronyms are easier to say, as they roll off the tongue more naturally, as opposed to saying H-R-F-R-T each time (of course you could just say How Roger Federer Ruined Tennis).

Or we could establish the acronym here and now by introducing: HeR FaRT. That’s a way of pronouncing HRFRT. HeR FaRT.

Back to this argument (HeR FaRT) that I wrote back in the summer of 2016, in a series of articles or essays and published on this blog. Each of those essays is available here on this page now although one can still find them archived by months/years in the general archives of this blog from the home page.

As I said, I will be revising and enhancing this argument and publishing it as an ebook by the end of 2017. I want all to have a copy of this ground-breaking perspective on this golden era of tennis, and its main characters.

So, again, I decided to organize each article here on this page to make them easier to access, and to highlight this signature discourse that hopefully helps make Mcshow Blog a popular destination for thoughtful and passionate tennis fans.

Thanks again and always for visiting, reading and commenting. This blog is nothing without you.

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How Roger Federer Ruined Tennis: Introduction

HRFRT: Tour Structure and Numbers

HRFRT: Federera

HRFRT: Roger Created a Monster (or Two)

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Of course, I didn’t actually finish this argument/narrative, leaving the second monster HeR FaRT created that’s yet to be explained; there are other points and pieces of this discourse, as well, that need introduction and clarification. This has been a blessing in disguise, really, since so much has happened with regards to the Big 3 since.

Either way, I will finish this book, by going back and revising, developing and refining this argument into a much more thoughtful and convincing analysis. Any comments are always welcomed. This is all argument, perspective and, in the end, conversation. I am always eager to hear what you have to say.