Chinaahahahaaahhh, Shit!

Obviously, I’m out.

I was out before the shit really started to hit the fan during this latest China-is-still-ruining-the-world-fuck-fest. This virus, as I said in a post or two ago “has everyone disturbed, confused, not-giving-a-shit, panicking, and getting ill and dying. Just horrific stuff.”  I said that on February 18.

That’s like me saying Medvedev is overrated in 2020. Spot-fucking-on.

If you are eating meat regularly like a garbage disposal, fuck you.

Time to wake-up, dumb ass.  I’m trying daily not to be a dumb ass. Tough when you’re a human being, which is why we have a God (or between 8,000 and 9 gods that we all worship in some glorious fashion — and that’s not counting the Big 3 to whom many of you have offered, as part of your spiritual devotions, your underwear).

Fuck all of us — not just China. But you understand my frustration with China. Most of the hysteria does seem a bit overplayed, given that we have thousands upon thousands of people dying daily of other issues and ailments that plague our seemingly forsaken species. Where’s the fear and panic surrounding depression, or obesity, gun violence, drug addiction, etc.?

No Indian Wells?

There hasn’t been much to discuss, anyways.

Other than Djokovic continuing to set-up what could be a ridiculous run. His MPs saved vs. Monfils were routine. Routine. On the Frenchman’s racquet.

The Serb looked poised to win his 6th IW title.

Nadal beat an under-inflated Acapulco field, but good for him.

Not much else happening, folks, so you can see I had more than enough sense to stay in my bunker or on my mountain-top during this coronavirus shit show.

You want to know what I was going to say about Kobe?

The loss hit me like a ton of bricks and I wasn’t even a Kobe fan. No need to go into that, but let’s just say he was a complicated figure and I am not even referring to the incident in Colorado.

I look at things athletically, competitively, historically. He was a tremendous talent, especially on the offensive side of the ball. As a life-long MJ scholar (indeed), I watched Kobe with much interest and much subjective and objective criticism.

But the loss has been massive. There are reasons for that, obviously. I felt immediately that this man’s legacy will grow in his absence. He had become a world class film maker/story teller, had become a world class family man and father — and then he and his daughter are taken away, along with the other parents and children involved.

Having been a critic of Kobe, I felt added loss I guess. Perhaps why I felt he’d grow in the absence, why the loss has felt so massive.

Which is why I don’t really want to criticize, any more, other famous athletes, like Nadal. I criticize this fellow like no other. In death this seems so shallow. Does that mean we/I should refrain from such hollow words that must only fulfill some kind of insecurity in us, in me?

I was to criticize Federer in Australia. I was going to slam the Fedfan and Federer himself for seemingly suspecting Djokovic for tennis antics while the world #1 embarrassed again the Swiss fanatics.

Federer falling to the Djoker is redundant. That was some kind of riff I’d play that day on my instrument of criticism. Cruise the first set, old boy! up a million to one and sitting on 10 BPs. You get the picture. Mirka and Fedfan, I’d decided, needed to put a sock in it. STFUP. Djokovic is beating you and that’s about as simple as it gets.

But perhaps I shouldn’t even offer such critical thought? Has nothing to do with Fedfan, or Rafan, the throngs of fanboys and fangirls yelling from the peanut gallery.

Has to do with this other sound, of emptiness, of absence. Of no longer here.

Kobe’s loss will continue to reverberate with me, beyond how he scared me, as an MJ fan. He had balls for days. He transcended basketball. So great to see the other athletes from around the world, around the sporting world, pay their respects.

I felt small, feel small and hope I can do more than just talk shit about some of these great athletes. Be better, Mcshow. Don’t be a dumb ass. Join me in this, folks.

Let’s be better.

Let’s stop being the giant dumb ass, the despicable agent of destruction that seems nonchalant in our planet’s peril.

Let’s hope for this virus to go away, for normal life to resume and the world — its people —  to carry on holding a different light to a better song, being kinder and gentler, smiling, crying, and laughing.



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