Commentary En Route

I do want to still expound on Federer down under and the loss of Kobe (just a short piece I’ll connect to tennis, as if that’s even necessary), as well as the Rotterdam loss from Medvedev (who has NextGen star Sinner next in Marseille), but I’m both working and daily dumbfounded by so much madness in this heartbreaking world of ours — sometimes it’s difficult to write about a 250, or the heaven and hell of the Big 3.  There’s too much to reference, for sure, but these two on-going calamities are simply blowing my mind.

The coronavirus of course has everyone disturbed, confused, not-giving-a-shit, panicking, and getting ill and dying. Just horrific stuff.

Scientists seem to have confirmed (are investigating) this link.  And even as you read that article and see that this animal identified among others as a center-piece of the Asian endangered species all-you-can-eat hell hole, there just is not enough mainstream protest, calling-out China, et al.  Is this just some kind of Biblical irony, part of a sick joke?

Of course, we in the U.S. still get to deal daily with our President’s shortcomings (and the sewer that is Congress and other interests that have railroaded U.S. ethos).

This was published on Jan. 10, 2020.

Then Trump tweeted this a day later:

Pretty fucked up.

Back to tennis, folks.

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