The Rise of Off-season Mcshow

We need to get after some discussion on this dormant blog.  There is a lot to discuss.

I think the best way is to start with some commentary about each of the top three kings, legends, dinosaurs, aliens . . . whatever you want to call Fedalovic.

We’ll start tonight or tomorrow.  Today’s my birthday, so I might be busy enjoying the cake and ale of the occasion, but I want to get into some tennis. Tennis Channel, as you probably know, has been playing all sorts of 2019 matches in review. Indeed, quite a year. And I miss the argument, the inference, the clarifications rendered in this madness.

We have much to say about Nadal, Djokovic and Federer.  We’ll go in that order.

I need to take-up one of my reader’s curiosities into a central tenet of Nadalism.

I said something to the effect that Nadal is more desire and physicality than he is skill. Now I have to defend this lunacy. At the same time, it’s so easy to say, oh, he’s great, pump your pom poms and drink your Spanish kool aid. That’s not how this works.

Talk to you soon!

One thought on “The Rise of Off-season Mcshow

  1. Tony

    Happy Birthday, Matt! I hope the cake had butter cream frosting, and the ale was plentiful but not pale. Looking forward to your vigorous riposte to a, cough, Unknown Curious Reader re: Nadal’s vices and virtues.


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