Just me or is there something ominous about 2020, numerically even? Of course, if we’re paying attention to some of the worldly matters beyond our own immediate life and loved ones, and/or our favorite professional tennis player, we might see things a touch cataclysmic.

I’ve been up to my neck in work (thankfully), up through the holidays and since the sport has been switched “off” this time of year, per usual, we slow-down a bit in our coverage of the men’s game. Granted, I did mention some Big 3 discourse to come, but work, holiday and simply so much more that I seem to simply have trouble understanding has gotten in the way of getting my tennis tongue moving and shaking.

You know I am not very political on this blog (nor in person, really). We’re finding such an approach more and more difficult or even irresponsible I’m afraid. I did not watch this evening’s Golden Globes awards, but this is a beauty from Mr. Gervais.

Have a listen.

I kid you not: the thought crossed my mind that I should be writing about more important issues in our world, those that for a variety of profound reasons dwarf such things as the OHBH vs THBH debate, whether we’re in a weak or talent deep era, etc.

Fires in Australia, Trump’s declaration of war on Iran, the insane developments in species extinction . . . the diaspora of millions of humans and wildlife from prospects of a habitable “homeland,” of a set of circumstances that affirm and value life.

This Iran conflict reeks of very unsettling historical, political and corrupt complexity.

Like I said above, I’m having trouble understanding such massive crises, seemingly so close to home, all related, terribly threatening.  Like we’re customers in a super store of crisis (and corruption), take your pick, plenty to choose from, two-for-one, home delivery, life-time warranty, comes in several attractive colors of irony.

Seriously. WTF.

This is nothing new, Mcshow; extinction, corruption, inequality, natural disaster, war, etc. — this is humanity, Mr. Tennis Commentary guy.

You got me.

Just letting you know what’s been on my mind. As in I’m, well, worried.

And with this all-you-can-eat ATP Cup underway, Aussie Open tennis on the horizon and a brand new season of ATP up-and-coming, I am, despite all of this heavier contemplation and discussion, ready to take to some fresh and challenging tennis discourse.

I mean that. Seems, in a way, important, even if it’s just for me, that I do that.

I am psyched for the 2020 season.

We’ll believe it when we see it, Mcshow.

Fair enough.

How about the ATP and tennis in general with a great opportunity to point us all in this more important direction, at these fires continuing to burn with little end in sight.

Nonetheless, I’m back, and ready to crack!

I just hope you’re not offended that I might acknowledge from time to time some of the shit going down that seems, you’ll have to agree, especially ominous, dark, prophetic, critical and desperate (much of which has been going on of course for many many years).

We have to evolve, no?

Our species, our sport, and even this little old blog.

Thanks for reading, folks.

We’re onto 2020.


Idemo! y Vamos!

Here’s a good article on the Australian fires (with some contextual discussion — see: politics/climate change) along with several ways you and I can help. Check it out and let’s donate, as so many people and animals are in desperate need of our help!

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