The Red, White & Blue TSQ

The revolution will be blogged!

There’s a lot this great country of mine is doing to make us all (locally to globally) pretty frustrated and/or worse, but this blog is not Twitter or some other sort of forum that GetGolfReady-BillMacatee2aggregates that kind of activism and media. Do I put it past this recent political and economic leadership of ours to have perhaps cultivated a mediocre U.S. men’s tennis culture? Probably not. But I’m not going to fancy that kind of analysis at this point.

Let’s just say the TSQ brought to you by the general American coverage of the French Open, and the call of the Nadal v Bolelli match in particular, just about made be throw my empty espresso cup through my lovely tele.

You know what speaks to tennis unintelligence or disintelligence? Rooting like a schoolboy hard-on for a guy like Rafa at the French. Especially when there’s a little heat from the other side of the net aka an actual tennis match and not some kind of 2 2 and 2 pile of garbage that is rampant clay Rafa.

I do not have specific quotes, but just take my unbiased (in that I’m criticizing American broadcast journalism) word for it.

Here’s a LL Italian journeyman playing his heart-out, playing some inspiring tennis against Rafa and all a blow-hard like Bill Macatee can do is remind viewers of shit like Rafa is the GREATEST CLAY COURTER OF ALL TIME WITH A 79-2 RECORD AT RG, PLAYING THE BEST TENNIS OF HIS WHOLE CAREER, REALLY JUST SO BRILLIANT BLAH BLAH FUCKING BLAH.

Are you kidding me?

As Bolelli got this thing to a TB today and had a few attempts at SP, even staved off a few MPs from Rafa, continued to hit aggressively, play high-risk, inspired tennis (because that’s really all you can do against the greatest retriever of all time who stands 50 fucking feet behind the BL), the call from this bird-brain Macatee is how dominant, despite looking pretty defensive and nervous, Rafa is.

Yesterday, during the first two plus sets, Macatee had Courier to balance the call. Courier did the match and America proud by delivering some decent commentary on the Italian’s brave game, on behalf of tennis.

Today, Annacone finished the match and he was decent, as well. Then again, a farting pig would sound decent in contrast to Macatee massaging Rafa’s muscular build. Macatee is not alone, certainly, but this was just embarrassing. Most scores of the suspended match yesterday were sure to clarify Rafa up two sets to none. Really, that’s your take-away from that match? Give us all a break.

But that’s the TSQ.

Embarrassing, Tennis Channel, and American tennis in general.

The TSQ is alive and well in the new world, I’m afraid.

And, indeed, we’re (USA) really doing our fair share in mucking-up the place.

I apologize on our behalf and will continue this fight against this insidious enemy of the state of tennis media and commentary.

Oh, the scoreline? Of course.

64 63 76 (9).

Elsewhere, nice to see some straight-set wins by gentlemen the tournament needs to advance. Cilic, Shapovalov, Fognini, Edmund and Isner all winners in straights.

Looks like Del Potro is already down in the first set (1-4) to Mahut so he seems to be waiting for what? Hard courts?  Come-on, Juan Martin. Then again, the Frenchman knows how to scratch his name in the clay.


5 thoughts on “The Red, White & Blue TSQ

  1. I was just thinking about that while making my coffee this morning. I mean….how boring it is to cheer for Nadal (or Federer on grass). They don’t need a stadium full of fans telling them how great they are. Cheer for the underdog! I think the real tennis fans are the ones who recognize greatness in the efforts of, say, Bolelli, who did not get blown off the court today at 6-0, 6-0, 6-0. He was ahead for part of that second set and gave Rafa a good challenge. I didn’t see the rest of the match, but hey…the guy forced Rafa into a tiebreak! That’s no small feat. Anyway….great post!


  2. RJ

    Never waste good coffee!

    Keep fighting the good fight, Matt.

    I can’t remember if I’ve asked this before but anyways here it goes: what’s your opinion about the underarm serve? I know Chang used it against Llendl but it is considered ‘bad manners’ or not in the spirit of the ‘gentlemen’s game’ to employ this tactic? If Nadal et al are going to retrieve standing in Marseilles, why not through in a cheeky dink/underarm to keep ones opponent honest? F*ck etiquette! Or does this run the risk of awakening the mad king?

    “You come at the King, you best not miss.” – Omar Little (The Wire).


    1. RJ,
      I posted a how to beat Nadal riff the other day. I put a clip from the Chang Lendl match in there. Of course you use that tactic. Yes yes yes.

      My boy Donaldson did it to Dimitrov here at RG a couple of days ago. Because Dimitrov was standing in Denmark; and it worked. The point is not to use it throughout a match, but to make notice that standing that deep is a clown show. Again, the clown show is NOT the underhand serve — it’s what prompted said tactic.

      As the esteemed RJ has said: “F*ck ettiquette!”

      Keep it coming, my friend.


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