You’re Welcome

My read once again pays dividends. Folks, I just call it like I see it: Federer’s withdrawal from RG after skipping all of the clay left an immediate and continued bad taste in my mouth. I knew deep down it was a poor strategy.

That news, if you recall, came down in the middle of me writing a post about the Italian Open and Federer’s RG preparations, and you can see what this bombshell did to my thought process; even worse, the point I make is I knew what this news would do to Federer. 

You’re rolling in 2017, a major, two Masters, 3-0 v Nadal. . . and you take a seat for two months? What was my hypothesis? That he’s retiring, getting ready to take two final runs at WB and the USO. The move to skip clay didn’t make sense any other way, unless he was battling injury, which I think we can rule out.

He is out at Stuttgart 62 67 46. He had a MP in the TB and Haas (yeah, the 39 year-old tournament director Tommy Haas) saved several BP, consolidating his break in the 3rd and he just served-out the match.

Guess what, Federer. Take another break why don’t you.

Skipping the entire clay court season was just unwise, unless he really was injured. I tried to make sense of this disaster on my blog (history, retirement, etc.), but that’s all neither here nor there at this point.

He’s got Halle to get ready for The Championships and that’s it. Practice is not the same as match play, old pal.

This just solidifies my read on everything else. I actually smell a Fedal collapse here in 2017. Could it be?

Ha ha.

And stay-tuned because I have a lot more to say, or follow me on Twitter for the occasional chirping. . .



4 thoughts on “You’re Welcome

    1. Just one match (today v Haas), he still has time to round into some kind of form and he’s most likely very fresh and ready to rock and roll, but he looked shaky today on the shadow-strewn courts of Stuttgart. Not a good look, nor start to his second season.

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  1. Caligula

    Haas is a class act, a player that on a good day (when free of numerous injuries that plagued him throughout his career) has troubled Federer on any surface. Now going by logic I was waiting for Haas to take a bow to the GrandMaster and give a farewell to the crowd. I wish Haas the best for the remainder of the tournament.

    Federer was clearly not prepared for the resistance he was about to face from the old German warrior, but you got to give it to Haas for knowing when to press Federer at the crucial moments and not giving him a chance to break back, therefore I love grass where a lethal S&V and smart play can completely shut the other player out of any chance to come back into the match. Federer had no answers to Haas’ style which so closely resembles his own.

    So, all in all like you Matt I am not that much surprised. Lack of real play in the past 2 months and a tough opponent in Haas was enough to send Federer packing, may he find some form at Halle.


    1. I love Haas, 8-10 years ago. No doubt the two were like little love birds out there tickling the grass with their little S&V toes.

      We don’t have time for this bullshit, my lord.

      My palantír has revealed some very interesting developments for the rest of 2017.
      I think you know of what I speak.

      Clarification for the rest of the federation is forthcoming.

      Let’s realize one thing: Unless Nadal takes WB by the throat, which I’m beginning to doubt steeply, the grass is wide-open. . .or is it?


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