Indian Wells 2017 Draw at a Glance







We’ll be back to talk more about the brackets, but here you go:


Top Half







Bottom Half





Kyrgios/Zverev/Djokovic/Del Potro


Might you have a few thoughts on this draw? How are the fangirls going to respond to this beauty?

The analysis will resume tomorrow afternoon. Stay tuned.


3 thoughts on “Indian Wells 2017 Draw at a Glance

  1. Tennisisthebest

    Holy Cow, Matt! ” You cannot be serious!!” (bottom quarter) Yeah, can’t wait for fangirl’s thoughts on this draw from beyond hell 😋😜Must be SO depressive as Acapulco’s was so “tough” 😂 VERY intriguing how it will all pan out! Can’t wait for your expert analysis, Matt!

    Meanwhile I have Tsonga and Dimitrov doing well just because they are fresher and have shown great form recently. Goffin, Zverev, Kyrgios, Thiem, may have fitness issues. Murray would be continuing to up his game after a fiasco in Dubai and I think he would do well. As for Djoker, who knows? Has been seen hugging trees and reiterating that tennis is not his priority anymore….Roger is on his farewell tour, as you keep reminding us, so who knows what he can do in IW. He doesn’t have a great recent history in IW, used to do well there. Is it they have slowed down the courts? Nadal, if fit, can relodge himself again into Roger’s psyche if they meet again as those slow hard courts seem to suit Nadal well. Stan, I think, will continue to struggle; lingering injuries and he typically doesn’t get up for non slams. Querry is danger man; can he win a 1000? With the way he has been playing; unplayable as you said, Matt, can he bring it again back to back tournaments and win It? History says there is usually a let down after a big win.


    1. Yeah pretty heavy in the bottom half. Not sure what they’re thinking there. My issue is with the Del Potro draw, but a draw’s a draw. Djoker v Dpo 3rd round will be interesting.

      I hope Tsonga still has that form: the Murray v Tsonga match could be good, but I think Murray is in a good spot. I like Dimitrov, of course, but again we’ll have to see if he’s still in a groove. I tend to agree with most of your thoughts early on.

      On an early gut, I like Nadal or Djoker from the bottom (I know, those are the favorites anyways, ha). If Novak can find that SF he should beat Nadal, but Nadal is probably quite motivated and he has done well here. Then again, he may just not have enough himself. The Mexico loss is a bit of head scratcher. . .It would be tough for Querrey to back that up but if he’s hitting the ball like he was, look out. He didn’t really get tested much in Acapulco, if you can believe that, but it was probably very emotional, as you say.

      Roger is all about Wimbledon, I’m afraid. He could surprise us as he already has, and we know he’s a pretty good tennis player 😉
      Odd to think Rafa or Fed will be gone so early but we have to get used to it. I watched Fed routine Nadal in person at IW in 2012.

      But everything gets thrown out the window if the circus rolls into town again. Nadal has a tough Verdasco to get to Federer. Kyrgios probably does have fitness issues to go along with his mental ones. Zverev?

      Jack Sock might be feeling good on home soil.


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