Folks, I might be burned-out on tennis. Okay, not really. But, what in the hell happened last week? Happened quickly. Is everyone okay? I sense people feel a bit trampled upon, feelings were hurt, confidence compromised, doubt perhaps deflating some of that late winter/early spring hope that had started budding on those flimsy limbs.

A bit dramatic?

Acapulco and Dubai 2017 were like too little circuses that rolled into town and a bunch of crazy shit happened. Sure, the tennis was great; there were upsets and confirmations; the rise and fall of several tour regulars and virtual rookies. That’s tennis, right? Still, I’m gassed, need a few days to recover. . .

My last post, I guess, tried to make some sense, but that was before the Acapulco final, which I thought could be interesting if Sam kept it in, kept it coming. I watched the highlights and heard Nadal’s few choice words afterwards. Querrey was, essentially, unplayable. That was the case in the Kyrgios v Querrey match, as well, which I mentioned. Kyrgios was completely out classed in the 2nd and 3rd. To think that Kyrgios was out-of-reach for Djokovic. Just some nutty circumstances.

Del Potro and Tiafoe. . . then the Slovak/Gentle Giant rematch. Kyrgios incinerates the Serb and then gets dismissed by the Californian, who happens to, on his march to the finals, make short work of Goffin and Thiem. Then he beats Nadal in the final. Are you kidding?

The Federer loss in Dubai is only surprising given the way he failed to close. There’s just a lot of talent out there, so such a high flier isn’t that surprising. But still, several MPs, giant leads in sets, in TBs. . . not sure how this plays-out for Roger in IW. I suppose the lesson we learned last week is don’t be surprised; keep your expectations in check.

andy-murrayI did touch on this one huge point, so let’s reiterate, especially in light of the circus metaphor. The one champion left standing, the leader left unfazed by all the madness, after last week’s heroics and melt-downs, is the world #1. To reiterate, again, this is what we needed from Andy.

Big tennis is on the horizon. Given the train wrecks (multiple) of last week, the survivors are scrambling, getting cleaned-up and readied again for a battle royale, in the desert, Indian Wells, to be exact. Some are coming with desperation in their eyes – what you can see; and fear in their hearts – what you can’t see.

And some players are just excited to be on tour, playing in this golden hour of a golden age, amongst the winds of change, where hope and youth arrive hand-in-hand.

You’re at the helm, Andy. Godspeed.

So, pick yourself up, reader. Last week was nuts. But next week is Indian Wells. Indeed, wake-up.


(Now you know what I sound like talking to myself)

3 thoughts on “Nuts.

  1. wilfried

    Train wrecks and desert. Reminds me of an abandoned train cemetery I once walked by, somewhere near Oruro in the Bolivian Alti plano, near the actual railroad surrounded by semi-desert sand and a swirling cloud of plastic bags left behind by the locals. Impossible to forget that scenery of the gentle desert breeze playing with that cloud of little bags and the environmental mess it represented.
    ATP competition is these days a bit like that cloud of bags. Some players get lifted to a level good enough to get out of the cloud, and can shine and win titles, even a couple of them, only to return back a few weeks later to a quasi anonymity. Where were Tsonga and Dimitrov this week? And Federer and Nadal, both really shining in Melbourne, but put back in the shadow, by Donskoy and Querry.
    Murray surfaced in Dubai, but will he be able to string together two titles by winning Indian Wells, and really get in full light and shine. Remains to be seen.
    The wind will blow and breeze on I think … and keep surprising us.


    1. Good stuff, Wilfried. I encourage more of this imagist writing to help capture the brilliance of this tennis time and place. I think we’re in for all kinds of genius and surprise.

      By the way, do you reside in Belgium?


    2. Wilfried, I ask because there was a huge spike in traffic from Belgium the other day, as in large. I was pretty sure you lived there. Just checking.


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