SF #1: Djokovic v Monfils

This tournament has become a joke with such amateur bullshit in a semi-final of a major. If you read my twitter feed (sorry, had to sorta. . . uh. . . up my game a bit? Plus I can “pop” off during a match!!!), you’ll see the 4-set win was a given at the start of this shitshow.

Predictable, embarrassing. . . please give this sport something to write home about.

This next one will most likely be a classic, four to five set demolition that leaves even the victor crashed and burned.

And I have to say, looking at twitter, following some of the commentary of the match. . . there are some really cute “journalists” out there providing scintillating commentary. What a terrible day of tennis so far. Gael Monfils will forever be a 500 level opening act, if that.

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