2 thoughts on “SF #2: Wawrinka v Nishikori

  1. Caligula

    The heat is on! Stan is showing that French 2015 form, if he can peak at the final (which wholeheartedly hope) then we can look forward to a 3time Slam Champion being crowned. Stan has the Anti-Djoker abilities, he is an attacking player, and if he starts to hit his stride, it’s game over for Novak. Also Stan has nothing to lose tomorrow, while Djokovic is a position where he can lose the momentum he has built up in the last 24 months. I also think that the cake walk will work against him this time, USO is a brutal Slam, you need to be conditioned for it, and Djokovic has been sleepwalking through the better half of the tournament.


    1. I agree he has to still peak. I would like him on the baseline ripping those GS and not 10-12 feet behind. But yeah he’s looking strong. He’s enduring the heat and these big matches. Nishikori and Del Potro were both very tough through the first 2.5 to 3 sets of those respective matches. But they wore down. If it’s hot and uncomfortable and Stan has his Stanimal costume on, Novak could be in trouble.

      But it’s Novak. He’s so tough. He can outlast the best of them. Tough to know how he’s feeling right now.

      As for pressure, they both have massive, no? I hear you on the Novak pressure if he’s thinking GOAT and all of that, but Stan wants this too. Let’s just see a good match. The Novak draw has been bizarre. Never seen anything like it, topped off with the Gael Monfils freak show.

      Listening to the commentators was hilarious though the whole scene was pretty disgusting. “What the fuck is going on here” was the gist of it. Lol.


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