Miami SF #1: The FAA Serve


Isner got a little help in that first SF. Tough break for the Canadian. Serving for both the first and second sets, his serve let him down.

Credit to Isner for coming-up with some timely ball-striking along with his usual modus operandi, which entails his medieval march with his opponent to the TB dungeon where bad things happen to said opponent. Works like time.

And it’s time for FAA to polish this service game of his. There appear to be a few flaws in this part of his game; we don’t want to add his mental game to the difficulty.

This is what I said about FAA after his win over Tsitsipas in IW, special attention to the serve:

Routining a top-ten guy like that yesterday has us absolutely pining for more. Is Tsitsipas a true top-ten guy? Maybe not, but the Greek has shown big tour balls of late. He had very little chance against the Canadian yesterday. FAA’s serve looks to be a huge strength and weakness. First serve is easy power, 127 mph+. But he had a handful of DFs, three-in-a-row at one point that gave the Greek chances to get back into the match.

This is what I said about his serve a few nights ago:

“But FAA has another gear. If he can get that serve more consistent, he’s a nightmare”

Going-up 5-2 there in the second, Big John not really with his “A” game. . .

This should only be a teaching moment for the youngster, on top of his great run in Miami.

Let’s just remember the kid got to the Miami SF as teenager. Want some more positive spin? He can excel on the red dirt. Congrats on a sensational effort, Felix; you’re still out in-front for those of us who enjoy and know this sport. Rest up and go get after them on the clay. His athleticism is going to propel his dirt ball tennis. Can’t wait to watch.

Oh, and have a look at that serve, Mr. Auger-Aliassime, the ball toss, etc.

Next up: Federer vs Shapovalov.

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