The End

We will reflect on the tennis year of 2018 soon as we look forward to 2019. But there are certainly more serious “competitions” for us to consider and become more involved in.

Shame on us for creating and ignoring so much planetary destruction.

I hope more of us can see the light in such a time of darkness.

If you think this lacks our attention, lacks importance, go fuck yourself.

10 thoughts on “The End

  1. PRF - Władysław Janowski

    You may not believe, Matt, but I just did expect from you something like this. The. End.Of.LifeOn.Earth. Not tomorrow. Today and yesterday.
    We should do what some are doing. For polar bears. For rats and mice. For every living creature (if there was any creator), so called HUMANS excluded.
    We are the only STRANGE SOMETHING on Earth, which needs to disappear. Also you and me. And everyone caring about the nature. Don’t call it NATURE if it’s all you plan to do for the Earth.
    But humanity will not disappear before it destroys everything here.
    Fuck yourself. Well said, Matt. You speak to billions. They are just fucking themselves. And will continue and will accelerate the task, because they have a kind of conscience how it will end. And they know, it will end maybe before they would die naturally.
    They know, it’s the last race and they will do cruel things before “THE END” is displayed on screens. of the LAST MOVIE. Even more. Nobody will be able to watch this movie.
    And what is tennis doing? The same shit, Matt. Very same. There are millions travelling because of tennis. Not so much, but enough to kill some species and let some isles disappear.
    WE ARE CONDEMNED TO DIE. If there was some God here, he escaped long ago to not see how quick it goes.
    Some scientists say (and they seem to know more than all those fucking billions of homo sapiens (hahaha!), it goes millions times faster than all those fucking humans think. Most of them will live long enough to see their own well deserved DEATH.
    I’m happy to be old enough and my dog to be old enough to die earlier. But I’m not sure.
    But we are on TITANIC and the show must go on.
    So why not to talk tennis in the meantime?
    Happy killing, dying and fucking yourself, everyone.
    No Matt, maybe not you, not the noce polar bears lover and some others.
    We see our ship going down. Whatever we do. But we should die trying (beautiful phrase, I just heard from an American friend and tennis lover, but first of all animals lover).


  2. PRF - Władysław Janowski

    BTW – “Our” Dminic Thiem is involved in @4oceans. And sharing Paul Nicklen’s photos on his Instagram. At least this. Most others only making more and more money (or shit, if you don’t like the word “money”), participating in lots of nice “events”.


  3. PRF - Władysław Janowski

    I’m just wondering, why we care so much about 25,000 polar bears (heartbreaking) while we kill every day worldwide 9 billion broilers?
    Why don’t we show final moment of every single of those 9 billion.
    This would be a lot more shocking than a single polar bear.
    Broiler is programmed to live 6 weeks (SIX WEEKS), all the time in a cage. during this time it goes to get 70x it’s weight when born. It lives not any single millisecond for itself.. Now where do they all disappear – 9 billion daily. How many people do we have on the globe. Let’s guess, how many of them are vegetarians or vegans? 10,000?
    8 billions and 990 thousands kill or undersigns the death verdict with his/her bloody fucking money.
    If you care not only about polar bears (so lovely on the selfie in beautiful Arctis), read and watch the speech of Gary Yourofsky (you find it via Google, so no need to post the link here.
    Or, dear 8 billions 990,000 “humans” – fuck yourself. The best on the same place and at the sdame time (how about tomorrow?), so I can take a selfie with about 9 billions “human” cadavers. I would send this selfie to polar bears and every wild and industrial animal – this would be the best day in their life. To see all murders fucking themselves and dying while singing “we are, we are …sorry – “we were, we were …you know what.


  4. PRF - Władysław Janowski

    And what it means “we are going to lose polar bears in xxx years”. How can we lose someone/something, not being our property?


  5. PRF - Władysław Janowski

    And never visit POLAND. It WAS my home country. The government of THIS FUCKING COUNTRY has decided to kill the whole population of wild boars, including pregnant females. Even Adolf Hitler didn’t kill pregnant women.
    Because wild boars are carrying a virus of so called African Swine Fever. They should put at risk the industrial breeding, killing, eating or selling POLISH PIGS. But they don’t visit piggerys and pigs are not walking around in the forests. Wild Boars live in forests and don’t bother anyone. No – they bother the currently reigning party and this party needs to win next elections. For this to happen they need to buy votes of POLISH FUCKING FARMERS. That’s why this holocaust should happen. And that’s why the project of the law forbidding chains for dogs (99,9% of dogs on POLISH FUCKING FARMS spend every day of their life on 1, 2 or (my Goodness) 3 meters long heavy metal chains. I’m just trying to give my POLISH CITIZENSHIP back. I still want to live here but I’m no more feeling CITIZEN of this FUCKING COUNTRY.
    I’m sorry. I hope, your home lands are a bit better but I’m to old to migrate to another fucking country. Like Spain, where Galgo dogs are tortured and killed en masse if they show not to be good in hunting.


  6. PRF - Władysław Janowski

    No tennis anymore, Matt? AO starting in 2 days and without your preview? Do you mean, the life on Earth does not hold until Monday?
    Would be good news for animals, but only, if it concerned humans only 😉
    Sincerely yours


  7. PRF - Władysław Janowski

    Hahaha, I don’t like predictions. I’m predicting right now, you will not predict anything (you heard it first here ;)). I have enough of the whole circus (best one from Murray – good Imperial Djoke in style) and wait for something I don’t see or know myself.
    As for me the first BIG BANG was the drawing ceremony. Almost an hour of blablabla with Federer only to show ready draw from the hat (not the stylish hat of Bresnik!)
    I was first surprised to see Thiem playing his first match on Margaret Arena in the best time (second match of the night session). This may mean (don’t take it serious), they want Thiem for the final against Fed, so Fed can give him a “masterclass” like in London. Now I’m trying to find THE PLAN behind the draw.
    We both know, they need Federer to win. So I’m looking for tools, they decided to use to reach the goal. One tool is implemented. Federer is alive (unlike Murray) and in a good mood (unlike Murray). Then they need to make Rafa go away before QF. Rafa must first overcome 3 Aussies in a row, the last being really dangerous (The Minaur). Just in case Nadal is set to play at 36°C, while Federer will play at nice 28°C.
    Should this not be enough, either it shows, Rafa withdraws after the first match for not being able to compete or there is still Anderson in the background.
    And so on and so on – this is my hobby, you know, to be quite honest, it makes me, you know, soooo happy, NO?
    Sorry to be so impatient. Let my comment to be visible first after you have posted your MAIN ARTICLE for 2019 (or at least the title – something like “après nous le déluge” or something.
    HWMIB Ha!


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