Djokovic v Federer Cincy Final


Djokovic is the favorite in this one for anyone who’s been paying attention. Indeed, a surging 31 year-old who just won Wimbledon, still but inevitably finding his world #1 form is a favorite over a 37 year-old who can’t really break serve and is getting out hit from the BL by seemingly everyone.

Granted, Federer still has his wand and the serve is still quite good — he’s able to hold serve against almost anyone and makes appear his beautiful shot-making via one of the sport’s all-time all-court arsenals enough to confirm him as still a top player in the world. On these quicker hard courts, conditions could be just right for the tennis world to see the 37 year-old look like a younger more formidable Federer.

But today Roger has to play near perfect offensive tennis, serve impeccably and take advantage of any drops in Djokovic’s game that come and go.

Djokovic’s biggest weakness appears to be his serve — and the odd drops in form where he looks awkward out there, off-balance, his legendary BH, for instance, dumping into the net.

His second serve at times has looked amateur – hitting 70 mph.

But again: in those big moments of the match, look for Djokovic to become dialed-in and deadly.

Federer needs to be perfect.

The best part of this match is we get to finally see them play since the advent of Federer 2017. But that ship has sailed and Federer is on fumes, I’m afraid.

If I’m betting, I take Djokovic in this one.

The only caveat to that prediction is the majesty Federer on the Cincy hard courts.

Best of luck to these gents and I hope we see a classic.

6 thoughts on “Djokovic v Federer Cincy Final

  1. PRF - Władysław Janowski

    Djokovic has more weapons, which seem just to work again. Great ability to read the game and great knowledge of Fed’s game. Djoker is not a big hitter like Stan. But he is a class better version of Goffin and if fit (whatever it was), Goffin would hold Fed on BL and be first at the net, enforcing Fed’s missed passers. I give still Federer some chance, if he can pull the whole his brilliance from the hat. But being first at the net does not mean match, given outstanding Djoker’s passing shots. 6=:40 for Djoker. No, today no arrangement or fixing. Hope too for some big classic 🙂


    1. It’s not just coming to net. It’s the serve, first ball/strike that he has to bring. Even SABR. This is intended to keep the opponent uneasy. If Fed’s FS is crap, he’s done in straights.

      But Djokovic’s serve has been bad, so that’s something to watch. He was broken at will by Milos and Marin.

      You’re right about his knowledge and his level. Novak knows how to win and has a lot of motivation here.

      Question of the day: is Novak more motivated by the golden Masters crown (complete set), or by beating Federer period?

      This should be a good match.
      And both bolster their NYC hopes by getting this far and playing each other. Yes, this is good for NYC.


      1. PRF - Władysław Janowski

        QotD: Both 😉
        Theoretically good for NYC but I can’t see Fed going deep in Bo5. First opponent from Top20 will exit him. Fed had lucky draw in AO allowing him to win over hart Cilic. This will not happen at NYC, I guess.


  2. PRF - Władysław Janowski

    Another Thiem update. Thiem is feeling better (does not mean fully fit) and Bresnik will start with some light hitting with him today. Thursday or Friday it’s either 100% fitness again or Thiem pulls out.
    Now another conspiracy theory (from B resnik this time). Bresnik was strictly again Thiem playing Hamburg and Kitzbuehel (wise old man). Now 3 Austrians (Thiem, Novak and Ofner got ill after Kitz. Looking to be the same as with Thiem, with the difference, they were lying in bed, while Thiem was traveling, practicing hard and trying to play something (Toronto). So the both are now fit and healthy and Thiem probably not. I hope Bresnik does not let him play and lose on match ion NYC. Rather let’s him take the first flight to Vienna (poor Kiki) and dr. Pidlich arrange some profound healing process, should it last weeks or more.


  3. PRF - Władysław Janowski

    Yeah – and take Moya. I don’t see him as of late in Rafa’s box, so maybe available for hiring?
    But if you read Bresnik’s book, you would forget it. Bresnik stays with Thiem for ever. Or maybe some day Bresnik gets pensioned but Thiem is still playing and Rafa retired, so maybe Rafa can lead him to some late slam? Ha, ha, ha …


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