U(hg). S. A.

No blogging tonight. It’s late.

And we should all, instead, 100% hope that all of those detained children and their separated families are somehow on the way to being reunited. What in the hell is going on here?

Still much to tennis discuss, as always.

Talk to you tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “U(hg). S. A.

  1. snambi2014

    looks like even Pope gets hate by speaking for it…..From what I see somehow all the one supported separation strongly believes any one opposes don’t care about law or American well being… And Hard to convince them with any argument esp that’s what president tells too…


    1. Almost as bad as the actual policy is how American politics continues to make no sense and involve many many people who seem truly misguided, mentally and morally deficient. Seemingly, those in power can say and do whatever they want without any consequences. There’s a meaninglessness beginning to infiltrate the American public sector. Maybe this is all just more transparent under Trump. But it’s weird and vastly uncomfortable.


  2. snambi2014

    ” Trump Pledges to Sign Executive Order Ending Immigration Separation Policy Wednesday

    Trump Says Order Is ‘To Keep Families Together’ ”

    All of sudden it’s no no more “Democrats Fault” or “CHANGE THE LAW”….And no question from his supporters ..Probably getting praised for heroic action..


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