Real Heartbreak

We all know heartbreak.

But this is pretty stunning, disgusting and a reminder of the kind of news we should expect to see now, soon and perhaps forever more.

This is what a growth economy is all about. No, I am not an economist and that’s, yes, totally irrelevant.

The second image below, from Instagram, seems really disturbing.

Do people really not understand the ancient and pure communication that occurs between humans and animals?

Thanks for the photo, National Geographic, but my God that even one of your employees is so clueless is unfathomable. That anyone has this kind of profound ignorance unfortunately seems to be more and more par for the course.

So sad, on so many levels.

One thought on “Real Heartbreak

  1. Caligula

    Fear man, for he is the only creature capable of every atrocities imaginable against every species and including his own.


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