UROY: How Big Is Your Running Award?

Tim:  What a year of racing so far. American ultrarunning has experienced globalization in its biggest events and narrow perceptions have been peeled wide open. It all seemingly began with Salomon surging to a convincing men’s and women’s sweep at last year’s North Face Endurance Challenge Championship in San Francisco, thus earning the $20,000 prize …

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Interview with Salomon Running’s Adam Chase

Much of the blogosphere has exploded in heated comments that appear to revolve around the rivalry between elite European ultra runners (or "real" mountain runners) and  elite American ultra runners (or pseudo mountain runners).  As far as Inside Trail is concerned, the paradigm shift we touched-on in a post over a week ago is not …

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Links and Thoughts on UTMB

As race reports and articles come across the wires, a clearer picture is coming into view; but that doesn't mean that additional questions aren't raised.  The difficulty of the scheduling changes, the course reroutes, the way in which organizers communicate to participants can cause frustration at varying levels.  Some handled it well (exceptionally well), like …

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UTMB – Salomon 1st, 2nd

Kilian Jornet proves his dominance and talent at UTMB, running in the front all night and day to win in 20:36. Salomon teammate, Iker Karrera, cruises in shortly afterward for 2nd. The North Face's Sebastien Chaigneau sweeps in for 3rd.  Did you follow it?  What are your thoughts?

2011 Pikes Peak, 2011 Leadville and Commentary

Today’s wrap on the weekend’s racing has to do more than simply report results and provide insight on how races unfolded.  Those details are certainly important and have been repeatedly shared over the past couple of days.  For example, the fact that 47 year-old Matt Carpenter made what amounts to a definitive move on Daryn …

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