Call for Writers

Hello there, my dwindling readership (or perhaps “dormant” while I appear to have taken a break from my pattern of consistent and quality ATP coverage and analysis).

I will continue to write, of course. I have a lot to say with regards to 2017 Fedal, especially with the worldwide tennis orgasm of the newly christened Laver Cup with its seemingly scripted results and optics — this Fedal theme of 2017 is almost a parody of itself. My God. If the anti-Fedal contingent was upset before the Laver Cup, this disturbed bunch of tennis fans might’ve already jumped, or taken that final sip of their fatal anti-Fedal intoxicant.

I am putting-out this call for writers because A) I’m a little tired of churning-out world class commentary at my present clip and B) I want to build this Mcshow Blog community with what I know includes interesting tennis and cultural insights that are humorous, shrewd, insightful, but more importantly diverse and new.

All you have to do is email me (mcshow@gmail dot com) and provide a proposal on what you want to write. I think I’ve given you some ideas of what I might expect and “green light” for this blog. Should be interesting, thoughtful, perhaps humorous or even grimly prophetic. If I don’t like your idea, I’ll tell you — perhaps offer a suggestion, etc. If I like your idea, I’ll say “go” and then we’ll take it from there.

Again, I’ll write. But I want to get this invitation off to any of you out there who wants to chime-in with some interesting tennis (and other) discourse.

I made the reference earlier in this post to writing topics that are non-tennis (“cultural insights”). Along with expanding the writing “staff,” I would also like to expand the scope of Mcshow Blog. I changed the title of this blog a while ago (from Mcshow Tennis to Mcshow Blog). That was deliberate with this sort of move in mind.

I suppose you could use the comments for proposals, as well; but we will need to communicate via email if a project is moving forward. Have at it, ladies and gentlemen.

And yes, again, I will say a thing or two about the tennis even though it looks like Federer has already thrown-in the towel on chasing #1, his chances of course dependent upon his health and tournament availability. Nadal would need a bit of a drop-off. Anything is possible, of course: 2017 Fedal is a testament to that.