Djokodal #59

The prevailing theme on this blog regarding men's professional tennis is that the sport has been devoured by the Big 3. My theory from years ago still rings of truth, more than ever: Roger Federer Ruined Tennis. One of the chapters in that draft is that he Created Two Monsters. The sport has been essentially …

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Dateline 2012: This Major is All about Djokodal

A Tweet a few weeks back. Didn't pan-out yesterday vs. Ramos but I don't see Alcaraz getting through his draw. You have to like the winner of the Djokovic Nadal QF to win this major -- I know, really went out on a limb there. This has been the story-line for about ten or eleven …

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Let’s Begin Again with some Back to Basics

This has been a tennis blog, but that discombobulated mess has not kept my interest so let's start with some other basics and get to tennis towards the end here. For this blog to continue I will have to stretch my brain anyways; may as well start now. I do miss writing. This is a …

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Nole and Rafa in the same half. My cosplay hiatus is in coitus interruptus. Thiem to write. Thiem to confess that I have a few confessions to make. Talk to you soon. Think I still got it? You should see me in my costume.

Reaction to 2021 Men’s USO Final

© TENNIS PHOTO NETWORK The loss or the win — however the fuck you want to see this match (you can’t have it both ways). This was an extraordinary match. We didn't expect such an outcome. But hindsight, as they say, is 20/20. Extraordinary. No other way to describe how this men's final unfolded. Novak …

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