What a QF between Sinner and Alcaraz. More needs to be said about this match. This is the future of the sport. The two players got better during the match. Think what these two youngsters will do for each other’s games over the next 10-15 years. Remarkable resilience from the Spaniard.

As light as my posts have been, I’ve still been on point. As Nadal exits the tournament, Spain still had probably the (next) favorite to hoist this hardware. Part of me thinks he’s going to be too taxed to get by a surging Tiafoe. The American is playing well, obviously, but if Carlos has recovered, he could be too difficult to put away. Again, he was dead in that QF, but found a way. Go back and watch that Sinner MP, etc. Looked like a young Djokovic out there (especially with that sliding two-handed BH that is really Djokovic-like. The youngster’s movement, as I said, is intimidating, like the Djoker’s).

My frustration with Khachanov? Here’s how I eat crow and STFU: he steam rolls Ruud. I would be fine with that. But guess what. He likely gets routined by the buttoned-up Norwegian. That’s why I’m pissed. These one-offs are for the WTA. If the Russian can get to the final, I’ll eat crow.

I like Carlos vs Casper, but the big powerful games of a Russian American conflict would be interesting, as well. I have been anticipating, writing about this arrival for years — of the sport’s resurrection; we’ve needed to turn the page long before 2022.

Looking forward to watching these SF matches.

I will come correct, soften my criticism as I can finally assess the here and now. I have been writing about this event for years.

The time is now.


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