This is Why the ATP is a Shitshow

Karen Khachanov is everything wrong with the state of this sport. He has been an absolute no-show on tour given his promising early start and some of the hype surrounding the young Russian revolution of tennis, of which he was a part. He’s only 26, but he hasn’t done shit since his nice 2018 where he played this kind of unplayable tennis at the Paris Masters, routining Thiem and Djokovic consecutively to secure his first and only 1000. He won Moscow and Marseille that year, as well. His first title was back in 2016, in Chengu.

Needlesstosay, this guy pales in comparison to his fellow youngish countrymen Medvedev and Rublev. Indeed, Khachanov has been an utter afterthought or worse in the last 4 years. Gives more meaning to Brad Gilbert’s “Silent K” nickname he has for this deadbeat.

Yet here he is playing absolutely brilliant tennis. His serve alone has been astonishing.

Fuck this guy.

What shit-for-brains voice in Nick’s ear has the Aussie playing constantly to this clown’s BH.

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