Spain Still Alive Despite Nodal

Watching Cilic v Alcaraz right now. Actually, Cilic with a BP here in the second set down a set and a break at 0-1. Let’s see . . . second serve coming up . . . and he gets the break, so we’re back on serve in the second at 1-1.

But the first set had the look of Alcaraz quite comfortable in the cockpit as a favorite at this year’s final major. Stating the obvious really quick here, but his defensive skills, his movement and ability to get a ball back is pretty intimidating. We all know his game: good on both wings, young clutch, competitive as hell. He looks tough over five sets, even as the youngest in the field (at least remaining in the field).

And just as I pen that dopey title and talk about the young Spaniard’s status as a tournament favorite, Cilic is about to break again (40-0) to secure a 3-1 advantage in this 2nd set. And it’s 3-1. To be fair, I would love to see Cilic come back here (only down a set) and pull-off the upset. But we all suspect the youngster with all sorts of game to endure here and advance.

But as Nadal goes home, my point is Spain still has a very likely candidate to hoist the 2022 US Open trophy at the end of next weekend.

Based on my last post and how that verdict read, can’t help but like the tennis Nick is playing. His appearance in the 2022 WB final, along with this current form, has to bode well for this chances to get to the final on Sunday.

Still, Spain will be represented well over the next several years by a kid who moves and strikes the ball with such a classic, aggressive style. Granted, he’s not a dirtballer like his uncle Rafa. I couldn’t really watch much of the Nadal v Tiafoe match, but what I saw, especially early, did not impress. But that’s me.

Nadal’s loopy ball on these hardcourts is just a tough taste to acquire, enjoy, savor, etc. Ugly HC tennis though the sports books, experts, knumbskulls and even this cynic here thought he could probably get through his easy ass draw, taking multiple MTOs, getting soft-ass refereeing, etc. How could you not like Nadal’s chances against these crappy players strewn throughout his draw. Tiafoe has an athletic and manly game, so that plays the part, but who wouldn’t figure he’d likely error his way to a Nadal win and what would have stopped him from that point? Rublev? Alcaraz or Sinner? You get my point. These younger players have failed miserably against his dirtball greatness.

Anyways, he’s probably injured beyond repair and his mind was on his pregnant wife who I think is about to deliver a premature baby? I mean, if that’s true, if her and their baby’s health are at all in jeopardy? JFC.

The guy, as you know, if you’re reading this, is a mess.

EDIT: ahhh but like his clunky uncle, there’s Alcaraz standing so far behind the BL that he could turn around and get a drink in Brooklyn. And he’s hitting moonballs. So, they’re not so different, in the end.

We’re pulling for Ivashka, the man from Minsk (ha ha) against the overrated Sinner (love that phraseology — they are 3-3 in the 5th), and Cilic in this match here (Alcaraz serving 2-5 in the second).

The rest of the draw looks like this:

Tiafoe v Rublev is a toss-up, though I have to lean Andrey if I’m betting (but I haven’t seen Rublev’s form and Frances, hello, just beat the people’s GOAT for God’s sakes).

The winner their plays the winner of these two tonight: Sinner is up a break now in the fifth; we likely get the Sinner vs Alcaraz that “we” all want (not me, but I get it).

The top looks pretty interesting too. I have not seen Berrettini’s form and he can play HC, but Ruud is a pro’s pro. Winner their plays Kyrgios who can not lose to Khachanov, one of the more disappointing next gen blow fish.

Kyrgios v Alcaraz final would be something to write home about. But we’ll see.

Nice to finally watch a little tennis and write a couple of curse words, again.


Sinner with MP. . .


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