Update and Yes I’m Alive

Couldn’t really give a shit about tennis these days, for obvious reasons, but I’ve been sniffing the vintage. Bad, to say the least, but there are some notes to share about these fruitcakes.

I’m watching Kyrgios v Medvedev right now. Medvedev is an overrated $unt. If you don’t see this, good luck.

Kyrgios is (has been off and on for years) the second best player wielding a pro racquet. The best player currently is banned from this tournament (among other tournaments — see reasons why I don’t give a shit about this weak excuse for a sport that was once magnificent).

Where’s that reader of Mcshow that took issue with my praise of Kyrgios, maybe several years ago. He took the position that Dimtrov was more talented than Kyrgios. I actually like the discussion, but come on. Then and now.

Hopefully Kyrgios can put an end to this overrated Russian’s run.

That point just occurred as I’m about to publish this little tease: Kyrgios was about to go ahead 30-40 on Medvedev’s serve at 0-1 in the third, but Kyrgios just ran across the net and spiked the miss.

Unreal. Fuck Medvedev.

Talk to you soon.

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