Nadal Withdraws


A lot of people, who call it like they see it, have said this is what would’ve happened in Melbourne had Djokovic not been kicked out of the country.

Some things are not a coincidence. I was just reading my old Nadal v Federer Part 2, because someone I can see has been reading it, today actually, and I know exactly who that individual is. The argument there is Nadal is a draft dodger, so to speak. Again, this injury pattern is decades old. I saw it plain as day in 2019 at Indian Wells. I had a ticket to that SF, between Roger and Dull. The dodger pulled-out there as well, yet was playing in Monte Carlo three weeks later.

We get it. We’ve seen this play-out for years. Ho hum.

Djokovic, barring any unforeseen result tomorrow, vs. Kyrgios for the 2022 WB title could be epic.

Carry on.

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