Djokodull #60.

Nothing new.

Nadal is injured, maybe?

The future of the sport is like a 12 year-old with a nose bleed.

Taylor Fritz is an abomination of tennis. Not the result — that’s predictable. Look at this kid’s FH. What a joke; flatten-out a shot, my god. And those attempts at his BHDTL that would have probably won this match? Looked like me out there. Embarassing.

Listening to the announcers, the McEnroe brothers becoming a bigger and bigger part of this fraud, talk about Nadal’s heroic tennis despite his injury. Ha ha.

Kyrgios is terribly volatile, so Nadal will beat him and there we have it: Novak vs Rafa again (unless the dark lords have Norrie upsetting Djokovic — nothing surprises me at this point).

I still can’t believe how bad Fritz was down the stretch. So bad.

Wasted a couple hours on this trash. Back to Le Tour.


4 thoughts on “Djokodull #60.

  1. atl23

    Inquiring minds want to know: what IS the future of a twelve year old with a nose bleed? Does he have comorbidities? Is he big boned? Diabetic? Will this blow over with some tissues and an admonition not to get in rock fights with his older brother? Or is the nose bleed the result of a brain tumor? I think we need more information to fully unravel this ambiguous prognosis and what it portends.

    Lawdy, what a crank you have become. I know: you didn’t leave tennis, tennis left you. Everyone stinks, everything’s a conspiracy, all is sludge and dross. Your disappointment — don’t these people realize how disappointed you are in them? — is vaster than the oceans, beyond the ken of man. The Spanish melodramatist was at it again, hitting first serves 99 mph (sneaky!) not bending to volley and looking like Grampa Simpson without his arthritis-relieving shark cartilage pills on overheads because he’s the cleverest, cheatingest, ‘roided up faker ever. And a whole bunch of very persuasive people on Twitter agree with you! That’s the ticket!

    You forgot to lament about the draw. Somebody fixed it, undoubtedly, to ensure a Djokodal finale. Certainly, a weak field — although I suspect you are on board with the patently absurd decision to ban the Russian players because, as we all know, Meddy and the rest are not mere individual athletes at the mercy of a KGB thug with expansionist dreams. No, they are wicked avatars responsible for Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine and thus must be punished. Yay, virtue!

    It is legitimate to point out that Fritz, knowing he was dealing with a wounded and severely limited opponent for the last three sets, was not only unable to take advantage, it appeared his did not know how. His backhand side needs work, especially under pressure, but that wasn’t the biggest issue. If one cannot figure out how to consistently attack a guy who is spot-placing first serves at speeds slower than Ons Jabeur, and lacks the variety of shots needed to force him to run around, and stretch at the net, more tactical acumen and, yes, mental fortitude is needed. But a verdict of les garbage? Once upon a time I might have bought it as harsh but fair, but no longer because according to you, EVERYONE is awful. And as we know, when everyone stinks, no one does.

    Ah well, we’ll always have misty water color memories of Pete, and the way we were.

    Btw: Kyrgios — so far, holding back the inner demons for a fortnight — is going to beat a less than 100 percent Nadal, Djoker will eviscerate Norrie, and then we’ll have a ripping finale. I don’t think Kyrgios can hold it together for an entire match against Novak, but he does relish playing the big boys and he’s talented enough to win. I think Djoker wears him down and wins in 4, death by a thousand cuts. Over/under on Nick chair outbursts is 4.

    The good news is, no matter the result, it will give you lots more reasons to complain. And if the Djoker loses, welp, he stinks too.


  2. Swing and a miss there, Tony.

    Your euphoria has you teetering, leaning toward utter gibberish.

    Nadal is not injured.

    Glad you like Fritz’s game and the way the young are moving this sport forward.

    Thanks for reading.


    1. atl23

      Board certified tennis doktor Matt has spoken. ‘Nadal is not injured.” All is fake. He played most of 4 sets serving at an average speed of 104 mph as part of his larger, very devious plot to handicap his chances of winning in the service of trickeration. That definitely seems like the Occam’s Razor explanation.

      There indeed is much gibberish ’round these parts. You seem incapable of detecting the source.



  3. Toni,
    When you can muster a shred of tennis insight that extends beyond your obtuse sense, maybe covering multiple seasons of ATP competition, taking into account insightful history of the sport, rivalries, legitimate and bullshit narratives promulgated by the TSQ, making savvy predictions, etc., then I’ll think about giving anything you say a wink of legitimacy. You’re a troll at this point. You’re a reactionary, gleaning hot takes from the echo chambers of your birdbrained fanclub.

    You’re excused.


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