I’m Kinda Rooting for Nadal

Even Nadal fans would admit that his win here at SW19, his grinding and cataclysmic tennis on full display, on the pristine lawns of the sport’s ivory towers, would be an unbelievable yet predictable failure.

I am rooting for Nadal to win the calendar grand slam. I said this during his 28th title at RG.

Djokovic seems long gone though a 7th WB title wouldn’t hurt his life support. He looks to miss the USO because of his vaccine status, so I’m not sure what he’s actually doing at this point, other than trying to win what he can.

Meanwhile, the Spaniard is toying with the sport, which is long dead, the sport that is. He’s hurt, he’s okay, he’s in tears of pain or giving a thumbs-up on the day-to-day prevalence of pain. Who can only guess what is going-on behind the curtains of the ATP shitshow.

None of these players on the ATP can beat him. It’s an astonishing double fist of crap.

So who knows and who cares.

Hurkacz lost to ADF in the first round. Lol.

This is too easy to say: unless you’re a fanboy/girl, the present and the future of this sport (they’re the same: singular) stinks.

Soon the sport will include coaching during matches, the majors will be Bo3, and you will have finally realized the sport has been flushed to the sewers of meaninglessness (but I’ve been trying to tell you: it’s already a POS).

So, enjoy this god-awful, once brilliant with class coming out its arse, major.

I guess it’s better than watching America fall into said sewers.

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