So few grass tournaments in the joke of a professional sport that is men’s tennis. Not even a masters event. Lol.

Fraudal’s injury updates are another bad joke. He’s going down as one of the true scams of all time: no WTF, no legit presence at No. 1, whispers of doping and recurrent injury superimposed over his “humility” and humanity. GFY.

The American way of life hangs in the balance of the impending conviction of Trump. He and his cult have brought this country to the doorstep of disintegration, like where the turd finally disappears after you flush the toilet. Gone. Fuck that orange cunt and all of his dumb, fucked-up congregation. JFC.

Love seeing the Lebron legacy similarly sink into the ground. This will be seen as the Steph Curry era, especially if they rattle-off a couple more rings. Queen James is another scam of the century. History is a bitch; watch it unfold. ICYMI.



ESPN just now published their odds for next year’s NBA champion. Here’s the image of said article:

Golden State and Boston are #1 and #2 on this list. The Lakers are #17, but we know they don’t have a chance in hell, yet there’s this bullshit media outlet perpetuating America’s criminal cult of personality.


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