The Future

Will be very interesting for the men’s side of this sport. Not in the way you want, however.

Novak probably still ends-up with the most majors, so that fanbase can jerk itself off with a little more confidence, but the tennis “major battle” has already become a shitshow. In other words, for those of you new (you became a tennis fan even 10 years ago, yay!) to the sport: this obsessive accumulation of major titles has jumped the shark and become almost insignificant.

Tennis is actually as you and I view the sport: a game of class, style, athleticism and competitiveness.

The trophy fuck fest on the men’s side has tried to change the narrative.

Nadal’s form here at 2022 RG is so bizarre, coupled with his injury claims: this is the state of men’s tennis in a nutshell. He is a rat and this photo says it all.

Nothing the Spaniard (or the Serb) can do at this point will change the view of so many invested in this sport. Many view Federer as the greatest, others view Djokovic in this way, and the Spaniard’s fanclub will beat its drum for sure, as well.

His quest to win this year’s French does nothing to any semblance of a consensus. Nada.

The professional sport is in ruins, as I have said for a while now. The younger players stink and these old legends are obnoxiously redundant. The very trophies they win have less and less meaning.

I will continue to belabor this point since it’s a fun exercise, clarifying this reality for the biased dullard sucking on the nipple of his or her sporting god.


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