Djokodal #59

The prevailing theme on this blog regarding men’s professional tennis is that the sport has been devoured by the Big 3. My theory from years ago still rings of truth, more than ever: Roger Federer Ruined Tennis. One of the chapters in that draft is that he Created Two Monsters. The sport has been essentially devoured.

Today marks the the Monsters’ 59th meeting. Borg and Johnny Mac played 14 times, I believe. Sampras and Agassi played 34 times. 59 times? This is insane. They have met so many times because they have dominated tournaments and met that many times. They continue to headline every tournament they play. Federer did the same at their age. The field has been so piss poor as to enable this addiction to deepen and prevent the sport from growing in character, style and quality.

The latest generational leaders of Medvedev, Tsitsipas and Zverev (Thiem kicked from the boat a couple of years ago, left to drown in his upended run at history) have, as we can see, failed to come to terms with the top of the sport. They are being passed over, as we speak.

Djokovic has his hands full with this draw. Alcaraz will likely beat Zverev here in easy straights.

Djokovic should beat Nadal in 3 or 4. He has too much riding on this, is in too good a form and the result of last year’s French SF has to affect this contest, not to mention how Nadal took advantage (the field rolled over and died) in Australia back in January, in Djokovic’s controversial absence.

Djokovic has to win this and he will.

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