Mcshow is About to Go . . . Off!

Yeah, the wheels are turning. About time, no? The fucking Russian won the USO, Djokovic almost said he didn’t mind losing (since he got so much love in the wake of the loss — indeed, that was a bloody funeral if you ask me), Thiem is still cleaning the bathrooms, Shapo has plateaued, Tsitsipas has been in therapy (good for him — can you recommend a therapist, for this old boy?), and there’s a young Spaniard on the rise with a Federer FH and all-court press, and a Djokovic BH (and the kid is Spanish. If you don’t know or appreciate irony, you need me more than you care to realize).

We have ATP finals on tap and, well, a lot to fucking talk about!

I do recognize I have failed you all. This blog needs to shit or get off the pot!

Talk to you soon.

And how about some love for our boy Tommy Paul!


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