2021 USO Men’s Final Reaction: Table of Contents

Give me a couple of hours, folks. Work is in the way and no one is more frustrated with this than I.

We will discuss:

  1. The loss or the win — however the fuck you want to see this match (you can’t have it both ways).
  2. The draw. I remember tweeting that Novak’s half is stacked before the first ball toss. Someone certainly tossed Medvedev, if you know what I mean. Clear at the beginning and at the end. Bullshit sandwiches for everyone.
  3. The stupidity of fanboys and fangirls, again. Such obsession is stupid on arrival, but there was a great example during this tournament of many members of Nolefam missing the forest through the trees and pooping in their pants, again.
  4. The future — TOTALLY SPECULATIVE, but some interesting stuff on the future of the tour, where Novak goes from here, etc.
  5. Maybe some discussion of GOAT since there seemed to be a lot on the line yesterday in the Men’s final.
    We’ll assess the situation.

Thanks for reading and stay-tuned!

2 thoughts on “2021 USO Men’s Final Reaction: Table of Contents

  1. blackspy2

    Always a pleasure to be hosted in your blog Matt.
    Afte quite some time being deep undercover, it is time for me to resurface again.
    I wonder if this latest development will signify at last a change of guard in the elite level. Novak avoided the defeat in the FO (Tsitsipas immaturity? ) but not this time.
    Can you see the “meteors” that will eclipse the big 3 dinosaurs (maybe already two if maestro doesn’t come back) are here at last?
    The younger ones (not very young, mind you) need victories against them to legitimize their claim in the slams(they already almost conquered the masters field it seems).
    So is it extinction time for the senior tour representatives (Novak to be soon over 35) or they are still the next gen as the world n.1 boldly claimed?

    Ps: messed/lost my old credentials so I added a 2 in my username…


  2. blackspy2,
    I do remember someone with that credential from a few years ago. Nice to see you back.

    Definitely getting close to the end of this era, but we’ll see if Novak and Rafa (even) have more to say — and most of these nextgen are simply soft.

    The fall of Thiem is a shame.

    A bit of a mess, really.


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