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Sinner’s serve at 5-4 was so typical and so pathetic. If you had hopes for this guy, his tennis career, fuck off; you have no idea what you’re doing. He is a massive imposter. He hasn’t done shit on this tour but swing really hard from the baseline.

I’ll take Hurkacz all day, who spanked him in the Miami final. Yet here is this Italian to back-up his 2020 French QF where he showed a grain of resistance in that first set against Nadal, back in fall 2020. So now he’s a little more mature, wiser for the big stage, this big clash blah blah blah.

That was embarrassing, and so utterly reassuring for the Rafan and even Nadal himself. Watch Nadal hold his last couple of serves to prevent the double break and push the scared Italian into that 5-4 rat trap. Nadal would glance across the net, holding to love, knowing that this kid would dress-up like a clown for this momentous hold, chance to take a set lead, send shock waves through the city of lights, only to take a giant dump in his little costume.

Why have I stopped covering this sport? You saw it right there. Looked like Popyrin against Nadal in Round 1. Unwatchable.

Get a load of how shitty this field has been for about 20 years. Federer, at 40 (really) comes off the gurney and makes a viable run at the French QFs, perhaps to meet Novak in the SFs?

How about the German wanker Koepfer? Fuck out of here with that bullshit, spitting meltdown. He’s not a tennis player.

I have to agree with some of Tennis Twitter: Roger using RG as a grass tune-up is sheer genius. Fuck the FO. And clay.

©Sebastien Muylaert/MAXPPP

Bizarre that we have to endure such an extended clay headache on the least appealing surface, inferior by all measures. Fuck me.

Tsitsipas should beat Medvedev and the Zverev Tsitsipas SF should be an epic. If Medvedev, incompetent on clay two weeks ago (bless his soul), beats the Greek, Stefano should retire.

Thiem should retire. Unfortunately.

Remember my prediction? I said back in January or thereabouts that the two best players on the ATP at the end of 2021 would be one-handers: Thiem and Tsitsipas. Sure Novak would probably be hanging on to #1 and Nadal and Medvedev and Sascha would be winning tournaments, but those two one-handers would be the class of the field, wielding their one-handed brand of fuck you and beating the snot out of folks.

Thiem looks dead. And Tsitsipas seems ready to fall to this THBH red clay shit show.

I still have hope and definitely want to see him crush the Russian and play the German in that massive SF.

Did you like my ADF prediction, speaking of predictions? I was writing about that Spaniard back in 2019. Who else saw that upset of the Norwegian, probably the 3rd best clay fuck on tour? This may not match my Pouille vs Nadal in the 2016 USO QF, but I certainly called his one. These are not simple predictions, mind you. No one even notices this shit.

And no doubt that the Italian one-hander Lorenzo Musetti gave Novak a scare today, but the legend and the Bo5 brilliance carries on. Love the Italian’s style and incomplete bravado. A double-edged sword that one, an illustration for the clueless: brilliance of the one-hander coupled with the impotence of the ATP.

But we’re close now, for sure. Even I am excited.

We need Tsitsipas vs Zverev and Djokovic vs Nadal.

Anything else is pure rubbish, for which we burn our excitement.

But no worries. I have plenty to do — to burn said excitement.

And please no hard feelings. I’m simply not the one to give this sad sport life support. Too late. It’s over.

Roger Federer Ruined Tennis.

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