Remember My Big Prediction of 2021?

Tennis prediction, of course. If you didn’t catch this beauty in and around our Aussie Open coverage, shame on you.

The tour is sinking (sure that’s a prediction though not my big one 😉

My last post ala Aslan (sounds like a majestic beast of an ancient tale, or the majestic tail of an ancient beast — as in the tour is an old ass at this point, a majestic one, indeed) should have been my final post.

The face of the tour used to be Roger Federer. Now it is Aslan Karatsev — this is a half joke, really. How can you not love what that Russian has done, practically eclipsing what his overrated countrymen, Medvedev and Rublev, have done.

The point is this is anyone’s tour at this point. Nadal and Djokovic will get theirs, no doubt. But all bets are off.

Unless you follow Mcshow.

As clay reminds us, it’s anyone’s ball game now.

None the less, do not forget my 2021 prediction.

Of course we’ve had our eye on the ball the last few months, but no news is no news, other than a one-hander winning MC 😀

Let’s see how Madrid tastes, and then Rome.

Hola y Addio.

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