Why Men’s Tennis is No Longer Worth a Shit

If you’ve read this blog for a few years, you recognize that title.

I am re-publishing that old article: see link below.

I am doing this for two reasons:

  1. The sport beyond the major tournaments is dominated by only a sprinkling of noteworthy form from players mostly forgettable (until proven otherwise), so writing about said crap is not of much interest. Even the Federer matches (which I watched live), though seeming to be reportable events worthy of some commentary, especially given the breath-of-fresh air that still is his one-handed tennis, it’s just not that compelling, certified by his loss to a quite forgettable talent like Basilashvili.
  2. Though I wrote the linked post back in October 2018 (folks, that’s 2 1/2 fucking years ago) the argument with nearly all of its supportive evidence still applies to today, March 16, 2021. That is both prescient on my part and depressing as far as the men’s game is concerned.

And with Djokovic still in command of the sport, having now surpassed Federer for weeks at #1, the GOAT clowns are out in force, drooling at numbers, tripping over themselves for this or that comparative nonsense/career highlight/ad hominem bullshit, etc. I’m actually tempted to go in again on some much needed analysis and perspective to elevate this piss poor conversation amongst these predictable fangirls. Maybe. We’ll see.

Carry on, like it’s 2018.

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