The Age of Tsitsipas


What say the one-hander?

Brilliant stuff from the Greek. I have a lot of other shit to do right now and there’s really no need to preview tonight’s men’s first SF, but I will preview Medvedev vs Tsitsipas tomorrow, check back with how Djokovic vs Karatsev went down and assess the collapse of one Rafael “Rafa” Nadal Parera.

Look at this image below of Tsitsipas’ 3rd set rally numbers. This is exactly what I refer to when I lose belief in the Austrian. The Austrian is more of the Wawrinka one-hander type, a baseline bully, but even Stan doesn’t drift so far back.

This image below and that match last night were classic Tsitsipas, of the more offensive, forward-thinking one-hander ala Federer and Co. This image says nothing of the Greek’s success at net, but this speaks to the more pressure-inducing, offensive-minded tennis that pushed Nadal into submission. Amazing what holding one’s serve and limiting the UE can do, as well.

That 3rd set was a mind fuck for the Spaniard, drifting into deeper water, the young Greek getting taller and more confident with each stroke.

I will talk to you all tomorrow.

Does Novak see that the finish-line is now even more in reach, or is all of this hungry younger talent (and the prospects of somehow not securing #18) making him nervous?

If you see a mid-match post later tonight from Mcshow, that would indicate we have some crazy developments (and I am not referring to Williams vs Osaka nor Muchová vs Brady).

I’d have to think the Serb tonight is distributing some bakery goods, no?

Cheerio, my friends and thanks, as always, for reading.

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