A Little Aussie Tennis

We’ve been watching tennis. Sure. I even saw a bit of the Kyrgios vs Coric dance at the Murray River Open which was happening while that ATP Cup crap was going on. And yes I saw some of that, like the Zverev Medvedev affair that looked like the WTF Final between Thiem vs Medvedev.

A lot of choking going on.

Did you catch Stan the choke, with a 6-1 and later 8-4 lead in the 5th set TB against Fucsovics? My god. Don’t tell me he came back from down 0-2 sets. Stan is done. I heard an old acquaintance, massive Djoker fan, worry about Stan in the Serb’s draw. Get out of here. Stan is old, slow and that one-hander is bound to break-down cuz that’s what the one-hander does, no?

Even though we might have two of the top guys in the world at the end of 2021 sporting a one-hander. But that’s a long way off and Nadal and Djokovic still look pretty formidable. And one of those one handers, Tsitsipas, almost got his ass kicked last night. I watched a lot of that match. But, of course, Kokkinakis is a talent, so even if Stefanos had fallen, we would have just nodded, kinda like Thiem losing the WTF, or Zverev the ATP Cup. Even Stan’s embarrassing dismissal.

A lot of choking going on. Another, more positive way of spinning this would be to say that parity is rampant, a good thing, no? Sure. Except that this even applies to the new “leaders” of the tour. There is no Big 3 dominance in the offing.

Oh, and speaking of the ATP Cup, Nadal is injured? Or is it just that his draw is Futures-like? Take your pick.

Oh and speaking of Coric, I switched over from the Greek-on-Greek clash last night to watch my boy Mackie McDonald spank Coric. Ha ha. Nice run, Borna. McDonald vs Harris in the R32. 😀

But really this is just one of my must-watch posts.

We have Thiem vs Kyrgios tonight. Will be past midnight for me, so wish me luck. And yes the Aussie clown could end-up just goofing around and tanking another match. But this could be good.

Same with a little collision involving the young Canadians. We like Shapo in this, but FAA is athletic, skilled.

I’ll be watching and likely writing, a bit.


One thought on “A Little Aussie Tennis

  1. Sandra Zane

    You’re a jagged little pill — that greek fest was some good entertainment and of course McD taking charge a sign of asian dominance.

    Gung Hay Fat Choy baby.



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