ATP 2021: Switch Flipped-On

(Photo by Quinn Rooney/Getty Images)

Indeed, nothing, seemingly, for months and now everyone is playing everywhere, Down Under, other than Federer.

I’ve caught a bit of this early ATP Cup tennis. Djokovic looks to be finding his form, winning big points, getting under people’s skin, advancing his country’s chances at glory. Thiem looked a little less than enthused, but then again Berrettini was pounding his giant serve and FH (big game potential from the big Italian, or course).

Shapovalov looks continuing to improve. Yay. I hope he’s still with Youzhny. Love that combination. The Canadian Russian gave Novak all sorts of resistance in their early Cup match. That I saw. Did not see Denis’ follow-up loss to Zverev, but looked close, as well.

(Photo by Andy Cheung/Getty Images)

The actual Russians look to be still in form (see: Rublev and Medvedev). Look for Russia to be a finalist, again. Will have to see how Serbia, Spain, Italy, et al., sort out their chances and matches.

Looking forward to more tennis and more blogging about tennis.

And yes we’re still quite disturbed by the political nature of our planet, especially here at home.

At least we removed the orange cult leader clown from the WH. And yet he and his fucked-up band of whacked-out, conspiracy-ridden, racist Republicans march on, trying desperately to drag us all into the fires of hell.

Fuck em.

But tennis is back. Let’s see how this all plays-out, on and off the court.

I have to admit: I was unaware for a time of Australia’s success in controlling the virus. Wow. Amazing (not really) what you can accomplish when you really work together for a common good, based on sound scientific and humanitarian principles. Of course, none of that was easy, I’m sure. People, the economy and so forth took a beating.

But what’s the alternative? Pretend shit isn’t so bad? The virus is a hoax?

Thank god we have tennis again (and other sports) to distract us from these wanna be “insider,” fresh-hot-take clowns who seem so desperate to say something cool and controversial.

STFUP, put on a mask, and lay low, ass hole.

Anyways, back to regularly scheduled programming: let’s talk men’s tennis!


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