The Big 3 & RG Conspiracy!

The picture that I posted on my previous post is classic (posted again below). Not that a picture is worth a thousand words, necessarily, but this one blows up, defines the character sketch of these tennis greats.

Federer is the elder, the leader of this band of kings. No question. There he is with the microphone, basking in his good looks, his “maturity,” gobbling all the air time, no doubt. The other two, no doubt, have looked-up to their older brother and wanted from “childhood” to kick his ass, which certainly came to pass. Rafa’s and Novak’s expressions are polite, civil, even deferential, but not really reverential. 😀

Click on it. Great pic.

These others are from Sunday’s Roland Garros trophy ceremony.

Here’s my conspiracy theory. Who is that in the pink mask? Nadal?

That’s Federer!

Indeed, Fedal strong in its 20/20 vision on the dominance of tennis.

They’ve merged! Look closely.

😀 😀 😀

Glad I’m a tennis fan. Fuck an A.

Can’t wait to watch Novak respond to this.

2020 indoors, London finals, 2021 Melbourne.

Let’s go!

And stay tuned for some GOAT gas.

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