Tough to Watch

I see for this bottom-half’s SF a rematch of their Rome QF from a few weeks ago: Nadal vs Schwartzman.

Thiem looks bad.

Let’s get to Nadal vs Djokovic.

9th game of this second set, tied at 4-4, is entering the 12th minute.

This is unwatchable. Sorry.

Like the American Presidency.

Though I find it very difficult (impossible) to understand those who find admiration in Trump’s shitshow of humanity, I do understand the tennis fan who loves him or her some French Open.

But this is some very rough, very beaten-down major championship tennis.

I suppose on par for 2020.

I also suppose fear not: the GOATs will save us from ourselves (hopefully), save Roland Garros, at least.

If not, we have a Schwartzman vs Rublev or Tsitsipas final? In the rain and wind, complete with flying dirt balls, fuzzy and/or made of red clay?

Thiem to serve for this chunky 2nd set at 6-5. Good luck, Dominic.

Thiem wins the 2nd set. I give-up. You win.

Skinner vs Carreno Busta French final.

Talk to you on the other side.

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