No Style

Some of you love the likes of Borna Coric, Pablo Carreno Busta and Alex De Minaur. Start a tennis blog and advocate for that garbage. I’m not sorry.

PCB, gifted his QF appearance by Djokovic’s choke job, is absolutely stinking-up the court. Yet he is going to beat Shapovalov. Why? Because he’s going to bore the Canadian (and any respectable tennis mind) to death. Go watch, or you probably did watch: Denis has the style in spades, even aside from the one-hander. He plays a gutsy, elegant and powerfully attacking style of tennis. The Spaniard is the antithesis of class and grace and attacking tennis (tennis with balls). He’s just a grinding grunt out there, the hard-court Spaniard, the likes of Bautista Agut, whom we like. RBA has class. If you’re having trouble following this . . . never mind.

De Minaur might just beat Thiem tomorrow. Ha. This tournament could become a complete shit show. This is what we’re looking at in the semi-finals:

Carreno Busta vs Zverev (unless Shapovalov can neuter this two-hander tennis pan-handler) in SF #1.

Rublev vs De Minaur SF #2 (this is my nod to 2020. Why wouldn’t this happen? We are doomed).

Okay, we should get Daniil vs Domi in SF #2. This would be the virtual final, of course.

And yes both of these gents have some style. The Russian is an awkward bird out there, but he rises to the challenge and has already certified his game with which he’s gone toe-to-toe with some of the giants of the sport.

Thiem is a beast. His game has lordly, timeless character.

Zverev looked bad today against Coric, who is as likable as a Trump supporter. My god. Zverev resorted to a casual weekend club match effort with his BFF. Zverev has results, a potentially big and dangerous game. But he’s not in historical USO final four form.


Here’s to Denis Shapovalov pulling this QF out of his hat. Hit that giant FH, my friend. Busta rhymes doesn’t even have the sense to target the Canadian’s BH. He’s just tracking everything down like a feral cat.

Go Denis.

What the fuck.

The feckless feral cat dumps the 4th 0-6.
Ha ha. GTFOH.

4 thoughts on “No Style

  1. Clint Grike

    Hi Matt, Haven’t been thinking much about tennis for a while but good to see you’re still sharing your insights. Terrible result last night. El Shapo – definitely my favourite of the younger players – should have won that match. And I would have given him a shot against Zverev (I give anyone a shot against Zverev). Hope Medvedev and Thiem come through and expect they will. On the positive side the average age in the last 16 and last 8 this week must be the lowest in any slam for a while…. I’m hoping whoever emerges as champion (unless it’s Carreno Busta :o) will gain the confidence they’ve been lacking.


  2. Hey Clint. Yeah, I’m finally a bit more about it now that there some semblance of tour competition. Zverev probably has enough to get by Carreno Busta, but my heavens what a dreary SF.

    Let’s hope we get a Medvedev vs Thiem SF. Work to do today.



  3. Alex

    Hi Matt – good to see you back in the game. Couldn’t agree more about el Shapo, PCB and Zverev – I don’t think I’ll bother watching that first SF. The winner of the Thiem v Medvedev match should go on to win the tournament but who knows. At least it’s good to see a new GS champion. Hopefully a sign of things to come.



    Absolutely agree with you, Matt, on the style (or lack of) aspect of tennis with players like Borna Coric, Pablo Carreno Busta, Alex De Minaur and some others like Giles Simon. Also, it was very annoying the way Coric was using gamesmanship in his match against Sascha – left the court on 2 occasions within a set and the umpire was allowing it. I noticed that after Sascha complained to the umpire on 2 separate occasions, she was initially defending her decision, but she then received a phone call (probably from some official advising her about what she should do if Coric asks for it again). He was trying every trick in the book to disrupt Sascha. Also, it’s pathetic the extent to which Coric tries to copy Dkokovic, down to even giving a thumbs-up to his opponent whenever the opponent makes a goot shot. He needs to develop a personality of his own. Was glad Sascha was able to beat him in the end. Regarding the style of play that is becoming increasingly common these days, I blame it to a large extent on the universal slowing down of hard and grass courts from 2008-2009 onwards, even the use of balls that are designed to make the game slower. This is slowly killing the sport and is a source of big discouragement for young, aggressive and stylish players like Tsitsipas and Shapovalov, as they do not get rewarded often enough for their aggressive and positive style of play. A very good defensive player will almost always get the better of a very good attacking player on these courts. They made a fast court (I think by mistake) for just one year at the 2017 Australian Open, and we got some very good matches over there, but they ruined it again the next year by not only changing the court, but also changing the balls. At the US Open also, the Arthur Ashe court plays much slower compared to the outside courts. Wimbledon has also been considerably slowed down. It is just ridiculous! I hope that among the remaining 4 players, Thiem emerges as the one holding the trophy in the end.


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