American Nuthouse

If you vote for this guy, you’re a moron.

How has he not succumbed to Big Macs, drool, or God’s wrath by now?

Of course, this could be hell.

In other news, the brand of tyranny going down in Portland, Oregon is quite interesting.

I lived there once, probably twenty-five years ago.

Think of your life just five years ago.  Wasn’t perfect, but wasn’t stuffed into this nuthouse like a caged animal. Yeah, your life has been relegated to living in a cage and this stupid orange guy is your “owner.” You get it. You can’t leave. No one else will take you. Americans are stuck at this point with this manic, mentally ill flunkee.

Wear a mask and read a good book, something your fifth grade teacher would have recommended. And vote.

Time to get dialed-in on the ATP again. Sure we want to write about tennis. Bring it on.


Here’s a voice of reason (and I am not referring to a democrat vs. a republican — both parties stink though the GOP appears to be sprinting in reverse). This is more about people (leaders) being reasonable, honest, and as if they’re simply getting oxygen to their brain.

The White House and most of Capitol Hill seems to be on a different kind of food for thought.

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