Get This Straight

No doubt: Joe Biden is a variety of POS that seems rampant throughout local, national and global politics and the different”power” industries that unfortunately help to define and lead our country (Note: politics and industry are inseparable, one and the same). He’s a sex offender, serial liar, going senile, and not the best candidate to run in the 2020 Presidential election, for sure. Again, I am not doubting the extremely questionable character of Biden.

Be that as it may, Trump is an entirely different sort of scum, reckless and hideous, beyond reason or hope.  If you like some of his policies, that’s fine: even a broken clock is right twice a day, as they say.  This guy’s unequivocal depravity and lack of character is tragic, as in reminiscent of ancient and canonized Greek tragedy. He’s everything that is wrong with an unsustainable or irredeemable point-of-view, for our children and their children, not to mention the here and now. Again, you can like some of his bullshit, his immigration policy, his toughness on China, or some other “politics” he’s been made to embrace accidentally or by his extreme rightwing Republican rudder (this is not the Republican party of my grandfather or even my father for that matter).

His profoundly disturbing narcissistic shit show of a presidency can not be tolerated any longer, and, therefore, an argument that “Biden is bad, too” is unfathomable and actually almost worse than a pro-Trump “vote” because this view (“Biden’s just as bad…”) has normalized Trump.

This reminds me of what Martin Luther King Jr. said about the “white religious leadership” or the “white moderate” in his famously brilliant “Letter from Birmingham Jail.” In other words, perhaps you’re critical of Trump, but believe that Biden, having to deal with his latest episode of scumbaggery, is also a presidential nightmare.

Politics is divisive and corrupt. We understand this. Concede this point with ease. And many people will point to Biden, or even Hilary back in 2016 (granted, she was and is downright guilty and suspicious all all sorts of treachery) and say, “yikes: this fucker is bad, too.”  I hear you. But have to stop you right there.

The fact that we have normalized Trump at all; that we’ve somehow been forced to deal with or tolerate this Twilight Zone shit show (I stole that from someone, to be fair); that we (I say “we” as a collective American experience) have to even defend or rationalize some aspect or line-of-reasoning from this clown and his criminal circus freak-show family business at the helm of this proud country is a very very fucked up situation.

So, get this straight: don’t put Biden (or whoever rises to challenge Trump in the fall) in the same class as the Donald. This former reality TV star is a unique brand of lying piece of shit.

Talk to you soon!

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