Morning Espresso on Earth Day


Today is Earth Day.

I hope people tune-in to the various discussions going on today and the next couple of days to celebrate this occasion, the CRITICAL exigency of our time, the importance of this kairos in the context of our planet’s survival, to say nothing of its inhabitants.

Use this planetary shut-down in particular along with this 50th anniversary of Earth Day to get involved, dialed-in, come to a better understanding of what is at stake for us all, here and now: the reciprocal incidence of species and planetary disease (the analogy that we are the virus and this novel coronavirus is an antidote is still a wild case of irony — and insight. Consequently, we have shut-down and the planet is in reprieve).

Some links for Earth Day awareness:

Earth Day Live

Sunrise Movement

At the same time, folks (here comes a douchy, cliché, and predictable sentiment): let’s not just lean-in to the ethos of Earth Day today and tomorrow and then return to our fucked-up carelessness or complacency.

And again: the Covid-19 crisis is a tutorial on how to live more planet-friendly, more responsibly. We need to work, no doubt. That is a huge issue that governments and scientists, et al., are trying to deal with now. Have to curtail the contagion and have to get people working, as well as out to enjoy their lives. No doubt.

However, I feel the same way about Earth Day that I do about this quarantined life-style, which has us living more introspectively and sustainably, or should, today: let’s keep living this mentality even beyond the days of Covid-19, beyond Earth Day.

When we’re back to our normal lives, working days and nights, the economy returning, and we’re getting out and enjoying ourselves again: still lay-low, still live more frugally, rationing to a certain extent, still being more creative in the kitchen, still living more locally, thoughtfully. Hopefully.

So, though we have this fucking virus still ravaging our species and we have Earth Day today and the next couple of days to recognize — let’s not forget about all we could have learned in these current moments: the last month or two, today, right now.

Let’s get our shit together.

Eat healthier, exercise more, take our vitamin D, cut-back or eliminate animal from our diet.

Try to be cool.

And for your daily news:

Magnitude 3.7 earthquake rattles southern Los Angeles shaking the homes of Chrissy Teigen, Jenna Fischer and NBA star Alex Caruso

Have a great day, folks.

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