Don’t Worry: Two Things Can Be True


  1. Covid-19 is a conspiracy, something the government (or Bill Gates) has us believe-in and respond to in order to execute another massive transfer of wealth.  In other words, the virus is a distraction, so governments can impose further restrictions, to be passed into laws, against our freedoms, meanwhile carrying-out extensive financial “bail outs” for wealthy corporations and industries (wealthy individuals) to be paid-back via taxes on the middle-class and the liquidation of certain programs like Social Security and Medicare.  That’s what’s going on with Covid-19.
  2. This is a really bad virus, born of industrial and unsanitary animal agriculture, coupled with untrustworthy and incompetent world leadership that seems incapable of managing the crisis, in some cases incapable of seeming to care about managing the crisis.


On a lighter note, I’m going to try to return to my sporting discourse.

I swear.

Did you, by chance, start watching the Michael Jordan documentary on ESPN last night?

Wake-up . . . or never-mind — go back to sleep.

I sat “front-row” throughout the actual entire MJ narrative-career, even watched him play live during his minor league baseball exploit. There are some similar GOAT debates involving the NBA, but these are inherently flawed (worse than the tennis debate, if you can believe that), mainly because MJ is involved and no one, and I mean no one, can even whiff his jockstrap.


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