2020 Wimbledon, etc.

The Stimulus Bill: Fuck You, Bill.

But she’ll get a check for $1200 in May or June, so she’s good.

The Trumplicans are an absolute shit show. The Democrats are probably no better, but how far do you get by comparing turds.

Trump’s belief that this was a hoax will, like his impeachment, follow him forever. But the former — the hoax — will be complicit in thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of deaths. He did not act. Look at those early Tweets and press conferences. He’s a moron who has zero empathy and zero moral code.

Some of us might have been a little slow to catch-on to this, late February and early March. But this got real real fast and a President of the United States, with access to so much contextual analysis, expert opinion and responsibility as the leader of a once great nation, so-called leader of the free world, has no excuse not to act faster, smarter, with more concern for “his people.”

We know how he acted: as governors and other local leaders around the country began to implement strict social distancing guidelines, he was “threatening” to ease these restrictions for the sake of the economy (and his popularity). He’s even got another infamous tagline for his diabolical legacy: “We can’t have the cure be worse than the problem.”

He doesn’t make sense — it’s all a joke, reminiscent of the “cocktail party” I alluded to analogously in my post yesterday.  How can a leader say such a thing when people are dying, when reputable scientists and other “leaders’ are taking this very seriously?

Baffles the mind.

How about this dip-shit governor of Florida (Rob DeSantis) who finally today (April Fools Day) issued a state-wide lock-down. This idiot along with guys like the Arizona governor, shit for brains Doug Ducey, have been holding-out on their state’s health and safety. Why? They’re Republicans, so this could mean Trump loyalty, emulation or maybe some sick connection to the “church.”

Get a load of these idiots. Of course, one of them is the President of the United States of America.

Wimbledon and the Big 3

Wimbledon was officially cancelled today. Folks, you know how big of a tennis fan I am. Not only did I expect this to happen, two weeks ago, but I don’t really give a shit at this point. We have, as you can tell from my perspective given this recent spate of posts, much more important shit going-on.

Everything is cancelled unless you live in some state that still hasn’t locked-down; in that case, you can still go to a bar and rub shoulders with the rest of your knuckleheaded friends. This, if you hadn’t noticed, was (and still is as for a few states are concerned) a red state/blue state divide, in terms of responding to the Covid-19 health crisis. Again, Florida’s clown governor issued a state-wide lockdown today, and that is not an April Fool’s joke. He’s a fool and a joke.

Yeah, I don’t see how there is any tennis this season. Seriously. The U.S. Open is next to go, officially, but, folks, it’s gone. Don’t sit around and hope that they’re going to play. This virus will be with us for a long time, I’m afraid.

The news today (I read a bit of this even earlier in the week, as you probably did, too) talks of the virus mutating, or that as many as 50% of those infected are asymptomatic, which means without testing they are simply walking around (if they’re not on lock-down) spreading the virus, unknowingly. That’s a lot of people, clueless, contagious. Brings us back to this administration’s preparation and/or crisis response: not enough testing, which is so critical, according to experts and a dime of common sense.

I guess you could see a stadium full of fans in masks and gloves watching the men and women battle it out for a tennis championship.

But assume that we are many months from large scale public gatherings. That seems obvious at this point. Remember, this is going to get worse before it gets better.

In a seemingly irrelevant sidebar, the career-majors-count or race between the Big 3 is like some kind of bizarre Hollywood narrative. Think back to 2016 when I started to write How Roger Federer Ruined Tennis. He was at 17 majors, Nadal at 14 and Djokovic at 12.

Novak looked poised, at least in early 2016, to rule the tour for a few years, and really hasten his pursuit of Fedal. Then came Djokollapse and Fedal 2017. Federer added another one in 2018 as the Serb began to wake from his slumber, Nadal continued to add, with Djokovic reaching another apex of form and dominance by the end of 2018.

After Melbourne 2020 we have Federer at 20, Nadal closing-in at 19 with his improbable fourth U.S. Open title in 2019, and Djokovic rounding the turn, again, coming in hot with 17 and looking virtually unbeatable at this point, in the Bo5, especially.

I wrote about the irony of Roland Garros getting cancelled this year, moving ingloriously to the fall, stepping all over other scheduled tennis tournaments. Not ideal for Nadal, of course. And with probably all tennis cancelled for 2020, this makes Nadal’s ability to reach 20 (or beyond) that much more difficult. Novak is in the same boat, essentially, though he is in better shape physically, his tennis translates to more surfaces, etc.

All this to say, Federer is somehow protected in all of this. No doubt.

At the same time, we will get beyond Covid-19, I’m pretty sure, so the tennis will continue and Novak and Rafa will certainly continue to fight.

The 2020 Wimbledon cancellation appears to hurt Federer, too, given that many feel that’s his best surface, best chance to add to this win total. Novak has something to say about that you can be certain.

Anyways, thanks for reading, pardon the “high alert” tone, and stay at home, folks.

Follow the lead of real leaders.


I’ve already referenced this development.
I wrote about this a week ago.

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