Short Tutorial on Why China

This provides a little context (less than 10 minutes) for the criticism of the Chinese, and validates what might appear imprecise when I refer to that country’s “culture of eating and torturing wildlife.”

Pretty sad, all the way around.

And, yep, fingers end-up pointing toward government (in this case Chinese) and the powerful and corrupt (which is redundant but worth repeating).

Since we’re probably a looooooooong way from analyzing any 2020 tennis and beyond, you might have to get used to me building this very necessary (redundantly I say) exploration of the world’s kleptocracies.

You and I and the rest of our fellow citizens of whatever country we’re in, we are part of an inconsequential mass of people, consumers I guess, stumbling around, some more productive and wiser than others, while our very wealthy and “representative” leadership of this world bobs around like mob bosses at a perpetual global cocktail party, swapping stories, negotiating deals, surviving arguments, perhaps even necessary blood shed in order to maintain their unchallenged control, this power vested in them by us.

This is really fucked-up: the Chinese food hell and our loss of any say, it appears, in regaining any fairness or morality or common decency in this God forsaken world (beyond China of course). These problems of animal cruelty and inequality and capitalism and corruption, etc., are problems of the entire human race.

I’m over it.

And no this isn’t melodramatic. Power has made this simply fringe and marginal criticism. It’s not that it seems radical (a post like this), or merely “liberal” (which has so little meaning today). Views like this, this post, are, as I said, marginal, fringe — inconsequential.

Get educated, folks. Wake the fuck up. We all have a lot of work to do.

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