Mcshow Crap Detector

Out of the clouds I dropped my China is Full of Shit post.

So controversial is this Mcshow!

Crazy even. Insensitive, immoral . . . stick to tennis, you asshole!

Fuck off. When you’re right you’re right.

The irony of a SoCal blogger being in the wrong when a country like China is absolutely destroying the world with their ancient animal death industry they call cuisine.

And you’re probably no better, reader. Stop eating meat like you’re addicted, as if you just can’t get enough . . . the shit is so good!  (And it reinforces your sedentary life.)

People will catch-up to Mcshow, eventually. Or not. I’ll just keep throwing bombs.

People are and have been questioning the truth of China’s Covid-19 reporting.

This article linked below concerns the veracity of those numbers I posted a few days ago:

Looks like there’s a lot more death in China: I guess better late than never (the reporting).

This timeline of China’s seriously flawed transparency is tough to read, too (and no doubt the U.S. and other countries failed to respond, but the origin of this crime against humanity is unmistakable.

See my addendum to this criticism of China.


On a lighter note:

I won a tennis match yesterday (a set) against my son who plays tennis for his high school (you know that place where kids used to go before our lives went sideways because of the Wuhan clan). He’s on the JV squad, but that’s fine at this point; keeping him active after the high school soccer season has ended, where he actually played varsity this past year (sorta, a bit too much bench time but he’s a sophomore, so we’re okay). Indeed, our priorities are fine at this point as we’re soccer first in terms of our skill and playing preference. He’ll be coming into his own on the court, however, as well.

He has much work to do (don’t we all), but his FH is coming along and he’s got this two-handed BH (pretty raw at this point) with which he’ll chase down a deeper ball and lift a little lob over the approaching front courter (me). Learning how to compete, polish his footwork, and find ways to defend. Needs a serve and a flatter ball, over all.

I haven’t played in long-time. But great to get out there and self-isolate with my kid on the tennis court. This was an off day, for me. Back to the daily hilly runs, solo, in my neighborhood, following a day of online teaching, and drinking hot tea.

Following the run (this is important): 2-3 cold beers, some veggies and rice or the like and a little gin or gin rummy with the wife; and/or a film, or just some TV with my dog and then a deep snooze to rise and shine for another run at this thing we call life.


Let’s go!

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